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01-06-2004, 19:31

The last two PMs I got didn't generate a pop up message to tell me they'd arrived and I wondered why. I've checked my settings, and they are still set to give me a pop up message when I get a PM. And I've set my pop-up blocker to 'site popups allowed', and that has been working up to now to let popups through. Just wondering why they didn't get through this time ...

01-06-2004, 22:29
Hi fairyh,

There are three possible explanations:

1) A page needs to fully load before the PM popup will appear - if you click away before the page loads, the popup may not appear.

2) The popup will only appear once. If you don't view the private message (or you cancel it) it won't appear for subsequent messages.

3) Occasionally PM popups just don't load. Clearing your browser's cookies may help - let me know if you need help doing this.

~ Solandia

02-06-2004, 06:11
Thanks, Solandia. I suspect it was 1) - I probably didn't even realise I'd clicked away from the entry page before it had loaded. I'll be in a bit less of a hurry in future :)