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03-06-2004, 10:00
"A solar return chart is a birthday chart. We erect a new chart each year for the time when the Sun returns to the exact degree and minute it occupied at birth and this tells us about the environment of the year." --Maya del Mar, June/July 2004 issue the Mountain Astorloger, p. 15

This article intrigued me enough to cast my own solar return chart, something I've never done before (I've never really moved on to more advanced astrology outside of natal chart interpretation). However, throughout all my readings, I've never come across any guidlines for interpreting a solar return chart. Does anyone have any basic tips for me, or could help me interpret it)

From what I understand, the solar return chart and the original natal chart are compared side-by-side?

My solar return occurs at 3:49 PM, Central time,on June 6th. Significant aspects I've noted are:

-Solar return chart has the Sun, Venus, and Mercury in the Eighth House. Central issues for this year would then be those typical of the Eighth House, right? Personal transformation, issues of my sexuality, and that which I owe to others? (Whatever that may mean) This is further underscored by the Eighth House's ruler, Pluto, opposing my Natal Jupiter.
-Solar Return Venus is conjunct my natal Jupiter. Having never really gotten into transits, I'm having such a hard time trying to give this any meaning. In any case, Venus is retrograde, so this year is one spent on reevaluating relationships and my attitudes towards them, and also my own values. (With a slight sexual bent-Eighth House) If Jupiter is the planet of more, then maybe I can expect more love relationships (the long awaited year I make my debut onto the dating scene..haha -_-)
-I'm undergoing a Neptune transit, as Neptune trines my natal Sun. There's an easy flow of energy, right, so imagination and creativity could become hallmarks of this year?
-Solar return Moon is in 08 degrees Aquarius, natal Moon is in 00 degrees Leo in the 11th House. Solar return Moon is intercepted. They seem to be quite at odds with each other (or maybe the term is they are in mutual recpetion). My natal moon is in Aquarius' house but in the opposite sign, the solar return moon is in Aquarius in the 4th House. (Choosing friends over family?)

Any help would be much appreciated. :)

Natal info: 12.58 pm in Bangkok, Thailand (June 7th, 1989)
Solar return: 3:49 pm in Chicago, IL (June 6th, 2004)

04-06-2004, 07:49
You can read the Solar Return (and indeed any return chart0 on it's own but for a depth reading you should look at aspects to your natal chart.

In the return chart, concentrate on Sun (obviously!) Moon, Venus, Mars and Mercury. Look at House positions and aspects, you can also look at the Return chart Ascendant and then aspects from the personal planets to your natal chart.

The standard psychological view of Sun in the eighth would indeed be transformation and sex. I tend to take a more prosaic and traditional view and would say that issues are likely to revolve around property - usually through marriage but in your case possibly through tax or inheritance I tend to take sex as a fifth House activity - linked to romance and fun rather than psychological angst.

However, I'm a little confused by your house attributions. Looking at your return chart the Eighth is ruled by Venus (Taurus on the cusp) and has nothing to do with Pluto (Your natal eighth is ruled by Mars).

I'll take a longer look and get back with a few comments.

04-06-2004, 10:36
Originally posted by Minderwiz

However, I'm a little confused by your house attributions. Looking at your return chart the Eighth is ruled by Venus (Taurus on the cusp) and has nothing to do with Pluto (Your natal eighth is ruled by Mars).

I'll take a longer look and get back with a few comments.

Thak you for taking a look at my charts!

What I meant was, natally, my Pluto is in the second house, opposite the eighth house. (So, it would oppose my natal Jupiter? er, I might have a few things mixed up here...)

With Libra Rising and Venus retrograde, I take it Venus is significant in the chart? I would also think my Neptune transit to my Sun, and mutual reception of my Natal and Solar return Moons are important.

05-06-2004, 07:29
Well, Return Pluto and Natal Jupiter are too far apart - approx 3 degrees to place any real emphasis on this aspect. I wouldn't look for any aspects for Return planets beyond Mars (i.e. ignore Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) - I would deal with these through transits rather than return charts. Certainly the Trans-Saturns move so slowly that you would be better looking at their transits and allowing fairly small orbs - around 2 degrees or less (I prefer 1 degree).

Now the Neptune Trine does fall into this range and as Neptune is Retrograde this is the second of three passes across your Natal Sun. The first occured on March 22nd, Neptune turned Retrograde on May 17th and is therefore very slow moving (even for Neptune) - it will be mid July before the Retrograde trine is perfected and the third and final transit will occur around the 22nd January next year.

However this is a significant time and Neptune does indeed represent hopes, aspirations, fantasies, dreams and desire to merge with something greater. It is also the great dissolver - and this series of trines will probably lead to a focus on who you are - what your identity is going to be and what you will aspire to. In this sense it is very possible that the experience may be transformative. The retrograde trine will certainly focus on this identity issue internally - how you see your own identity. Neptune is also the great deceiver, associated with self-delusion - so treat it with care.

As your natal Sun is ninth House - your attitudes to education, religion, philosophy, and opening yourself to the wider world are likely to be coloured by this transit.

Transiting Neptune is in your fifth House - it's too early to be thinking of Children (the fifth's prime symbolism) but the fifth also is related to your creativity, the way in which you enjoy yourself, pleasure and delight. So this is the areas in which your Neptune transit is likely to play out.

Venus is important as Ascendant ruler and ruler of the eighth House, containing the Sun. Venus is not too strong in Gemini. Mercury on the other hand is strong, being in it's own sign and ruling the Sun and the Ascendant ruler (Venus) - Mercury also rules Jupiter both Natally and in the Return chart. - Remember in a Return chart it's Sun, Moon, and the three other personal planets that matter.