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03-06-2004, 13:21
I'm wondering if there are any folk here who have used the crystal pendulum as a divinitory medium?

I was introduced to the pendulum by someone who uses them during her Reiki/healing touch sessions with clients. I immediately seized upon it as a divinatory tool and had some very strange experiences. My pendulum was a beautiful rose quartz pendulum that came to a rather long point, easily broken, by my 5 year old not long ago. I haven't used it since, and hope to replace it soon. CAn you still use a crystal that is broken like that? It seems to work, but I still wonder if it is at all flawed....

Long story short I had a healer tell me I had some king of entity attached to me probably since childhood....!....that was coming thru and influencing my answers. How weird is that?

Any thoughts?

Island Dreamer
04-06-2004, 01:20
Hi elf,

I have two rutilated quartz faceted pendulums - one of which lost its point in transit in the postal system and the other is intact. I used superglue to re-attach the broken point and it's not exactly a perfect match but the pendulum seems to work well. In fact, it works better than the one which wasn't broken *shrug*

I use it mainly for yes/no questions - for example to determine which crystal a particular tarot deck would like in its bag.

I have hesitated once or twice over buying a new pendulum (I would love a moonstone, amethyst, smokey quartz or a clear quartz vogel) but have stayed with my current broken-but-mended one.

Sorry, I have no experience with entities so I don't have anything helpful to suggest regarding your story.


15-06-2004, 05:54
Hi Elf,

I posess a clear quartz point pendulum, (which was bought for me as a gift from another member, Middy).
I bought a decent silver chain and wore it constantly, as a piece of jewellry. But then I started reading a book. which included a section on divination by pendulum. So I tried it and at first I didn't have very good results, when trying to locate my husbands lost bank card!!!
Then I bought a cheap book on past life regression and it stated in there that you could establish past lives, using your pendulum. So, I did and I have uncovered 3 past lives so far! One where I was stillborn in Saudi Arabia, as a boy, another where I lived in Alice Springs, as an Aboriginal woman and the third, I lived in Dorset in England, between 1814 and 1865, married to a solicitor and had 5 children!!!

From what I've read and I'm no expert, the theory goes that we, as humans, know everything there is to know about everything, it's just that we don't have the capacity to recall it all in our present life cycle. We can only access what we need to know, to progress in this life. My own personal theory is that this is why the right side of our brain doesn't function, cos all that info is locked away in there, until we pass over and can access it again.

Anyhoo Elf, hope this has been of some interest and help to you? If you need any more information, just let me know and I'll tell you all I know!!

Love and Light