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Tarot Babe
09-06-2004, 22:13
Hey ppl,
Altho i'm really interested in tarot, not astro, i was wonderin, how do u read astrology?

isthmus nekoi
10-06-2004, 01:47
Welcome to Astrology, Tarot Babe!

Reading charts requires a lot more technical precision than tarot, but luckily we have computers to do all the calculations for us these days. Basically, when a chart is drawn, an astrologer looks at the placements of the planets and connections b/w them.

There are many different branches of astrology - natal chart interpretation you probably already know about, but not all astrologers are concerned about natal charts. They also look to the skies to predict economic cycles, political changes etc. They may focus on one aspect of interpretation as well, like medical astrology for example.

Tarot Babe
10-06-2004, 15:44
that sounds really intereting! i'd like 2 study astrology...after i learn tarot!!:)