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11-06-2004, 01:59
So today, Uranus went Rx, joining Neptune and Pluto. Isn't this rather rare, for all three of the outermost planets, to be Rx the same time? What do you think it means? I know since they are so slow, they usually don't have much effect on individuals, but on society or humanity as a whole.
Any thoughts?

11-06-2004, 02:33
Does sound interesting that the outers are all retrograde at the moment and I concur with your thought about it perhaps being more to the benefit of society than individually.

I look on retrogrades as more introspective periods of use, where much can be gained from standing still and re-assessing, re-focusing etc, I think the "re" in retrograde has incredible significance.

Peronally I would say with uranus connection to the visionary we could think again or refocus on where our vision of our society is going or needs to go, both our country and globally. Uranus also has an energy about it, links to elecricity, so perhaps about conservation in some ways, where we choose to direct our energy regarding a vision for the future. Neptune could make us reassess spiritual areas, our need for growth, compassion and forgiveness...with so many wars having taken place and destruction it could give us a chance to count the cost in more human terms and suffering. Pluto labelled the transformer can direct us to think about what we are holding on to that maybe needs to be released now and what new focus could better serve changing our communities etc.

Pluto and it's life-death, rebirth qualities can allow us to assess all these in greater depth. The interesting thing is we have fire, air and water placements via these planets...what a melting pot.

11-06-2004, 05:23
It depends what you mean by 'rare' - Uranus is retrograde for about 155 days a year, Neptune 158 and Pluto 160. This gives an overall probability of all three being retrograde as approximately 8% of the time (or just under a month a year).

This is not wholly accurate because being retrograde is not a random phenomenon - it happens roughly between the two trines to the Sun - so there are times when the probability is much higher, and others when it is much lower - nevertheless an overall average is one month per year.

In that sense it's significance is no stronger than say the Sun being in Gemini. It certainly bares no comparison to the rarity of the Venus transit.

Psychologists would treat this as a time of comparitively strong internal readjustments and realignments as we adapt to our experiences.

12-06-2004, 04:59
Ohhhh....OK. Didn't know that...

12-06-2004, 06:32
Now the chances of Mercury, Venus and Mars all being retrograde are quite a bit less - indeed under 2% at best and a tenth of 1% at worst (the number of days retrograde varies from year to year)

So someone born with all these three personal planets retrograde is a lot more exceptional than someone with all three outer planets retrograde.

13-06-2004, 08:17
And to have these retrogrades so close to mercury direct, and jupiter direct, Saturn went direct earlier in the year and we have already expierenced 1.75 of 3.75 mercury retrogrades (there was one that started in dec 2003 that continued into 2004).

Well, it looks like something is going to be retrograde at some point for quite a while, and that does mean something. Harness it, join with it, and engage it to become one with it.