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12-06-2004, 20:21
As we got into a bit of bother :) about missing the Full Moon, I thought it best to get in early with a thread for the next New Moon.

As we have been gathering new members, I've taken a little more trouble this time to define some of the aspects for those new to Astrology.

The New Moon occurs on 17th June at 21:28 BST. For those new to Astrology the New Moon marks the beginning of a Lunar Month (which lasts 29 and a half days) and therefore marks the start of a new cycle. Astrologically, the Moon is in a perfect conjunction with the Sun - they both occupy the same Celestial Latitude in this case 26 degrees 57 minutes of Gemini.

At the time of the New Moon, Mercury, ruler of Gemini, is at 25 degrees 41 minutes of Gemini – so it to is conjunct to the Sun and Moon. Mercury symbolises communication, travel, the logical mind, so this is a good time to begin new projects (New Moon) which relate to communications, short distance travel, education or learning.

One other planet connects to the New Moon. Pluto, the outermost planet, is currently in Sagittarius the opposite sign to Gemini at 20 degrees 45 minutes. At the time of the New Moon, Pluto is in a rather wide Opposition to Sun, Moon and Mercury. Pluto is seen by many Astrologers to represent transformation, intense and irresistible change. Pluto ruled the underworld, and the planet Pluto is often linked to the psychological underworld of the unconscious mind. Currently Pluto is Retrograde, that is it appears to be travelling ‘backwards’. Traditionally, retrograde movement is seen as weakening effects but we seem to have a situation in which there is a ‘struggle’ between the desire to begin new learning but perhaps in a rather superficial (Mercurial) way and the need for a more fundamental change in our collective approach to life and our philosophy (Sagittarius is connected with philosophy and religion) of life.

Also in Gemini is Venus – though some distance away from the Sun and Retrograde (apparently moving backwards). Venus recently completed a transit of the Sun and is now heading towards its most Westerly distance from the Sun, when it is seen as the Morning Star. Venus symbolises relationships and enjoyment of the good things in life. Again a retrograde Venus weakens this aspect a little. So this is a time for some introspection in terms of relationships. Venus is seen as a benefic planet and at the time of the New Moon, Venus is in Square aspect (90 degrees) to the other benefic planet, Jupiter in Virgo. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, growth, philosophy, religion and enjoyment. The square between the two benefics is not a particularly harsh aspect but perhaps represents a tension between wanting to enjoy oneself and wanting to take a little care over relationships. If Venus were direct, then this might well be a temptation to overindulge! Venus’ final aspect is a trine (120 degrees) to Neptune in Aquarius. Trines are seen as very harmonious but Neptune can bring problems. Neptune at its best is the planet of hopes, aspirations, dreams – the desire to reach a spiritual high plane. However, Neptune too is Retrograde and therefore weakened. It can therefore be more related to a loss of identity or fantasies or self deception. This may make the introspection on relationships rather cloudy and difficult to address.

Mars is in Cancer a Water sign. Although the Moon is the sign ruler of Cancer, Mars rules the Water triplicity (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) so he is quite strongly placed, though Mars has no major aspects with the other planets.

As well as its square to Venus, Jupiter is in Sextile aspect to Saturn (also in Cancer). A Sextile is seen as a harmonious aspect but Saturn is never an easy planet to get on with. In Cancer it is particularly weak and therefore has some of the characteristics of a grumpy old man. At least Jupiter will lighten its affect for a few days.

The final planet to mention is Uranus, linked to the unusual, the innovative, the bohemian. Uranus is in Pisces, squaring Venus and opposing Jupiter. This may bring some disruptiveness or sudden change or a sense of the unusual to events started at the New Moon. It might well also indicate that the reconsideration of our view of life may well take an unusal or sudden turn of direction.