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22-06-2004, 04:58
I have jup at 1 libra and saturn at 3 libra with a wide opposition to the part of fortune in aries at 7 deg. Both Jupiter and Libra square my sun (@ 29gem) and mercury (@ 1can) as well a square to my neptune at 23 sagitarius.

I have some ideas as to these natal aspects but the more opinions available the better idea I have. I know that jupiter and saturn only conjunct every 20-22 years and the last time this happened (1999) i recieved a lot of money over the summer, but it was all stolen, but only after i went on a overdone spendthrift. Then I went to college, and thus the year of the rabbit ended in the following february and this rooster woke everyone up including the dragon of 2000.

Im a 2deg rising virgo born on june 20, 1981 10:41 am, Torrington Wyoming.

isthmus nekoi
22-06-2004, 07:04
I have this aspect too, both planets at 9 degrees Libra. Not a bad sign to have a conj of opposites in I think, considering Libra likes balance and Saturn is exalt there. Carl Jung thought very highly of this aspect as he saw it as a union of opposites - he called it the aspect of kings or something like that.

I actually asked something about this when I was first learning about astrology:

Being 2 years older, my opinion has changed somewhat regarding the conjunction, but hope you find the thread helpful.

23-06-2004, 07:49
Saturn's is in Exaltation in Libra but Jupiter is peregrine in your chart. I would actually take Saturn as a good influence on Jupiter here - Jupiter is a bit of a wanderer, gets in the way of your self expression with probably overblown and fanciful ideas of what a good time you can have.

You need Saturn to hold him back and impose some discipline - by the sound of it you let him off the hook in 1999 and he did his thing about living on the grand scale. Use Saturn's energy to keep him under control and learn to direct his energy in a clearly focussed way. It may well become easier as you approach your Saturn return. Also use Saturn to have a down to earth evaluation of the fantasies that Jupiter can weave with Neptune - used postively you have a source of controlled psychic power.