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15-04-2002, 22:25
I found a clear quartz crystal, in this house that I am moving into, this house is the same house I moved from 1 yr ago and it is not one of my crystals....
I have had crystals to (i don't know) leave before and one to return after being gone, and knew it was mine, but this is the first time to have an unknown show up... it looks like it was just dug up, I was painting in the laundry room the day before and it WAS not there, really blew me away... tickled me though!
Has anyone ever had this happen or any thoughts/ideas about this?

Heres to love and laughter!!!

16-04-2002, 04:13
perhaps it was brought by a fairie or guide. i know that fairies LOVE to move stuff and bring in new things. they can be mischievious at times LOL

do you think it was left by the old owners or that it was magically brought to you?


29-04-2002, 15:21
I first moved into this house in 1998 it took me two weeks to clean it up before I could move in and there was nothing in the house when I began moving my things in... I lived here for three years and last year I moved to the house I just move from...
I was painting the utility rooms and closets, because they were the only thing I did not paint when I 1st moved in here...
The day I began painting the utility room I had the paint tray sitting on the floor and just took the used paint roller off and left my things where they were. and the stone was not there because I had swept before I painted because I didn't want dust on what I was about to paint...and the next morning when I got ready to paint there sat the stone in front of my paint tray,and there was no one else here but my 2 yr old...so I KNOW it was not left here from before and no one lived here after I left... And it blows my mind that in the crevices of the stone is dirt, like it just got taken from out side...
Now when I first moved here there had been a long line of drug dealers who had lived here and the mess was awful...(inside & out) and the walls and floors were ALL painted grey and the outside of the house was dark brown and there was an awful FEELING to this house, my best friend who is also Pieces she would not stay in some of the rooms because she picked up on some bad vibes...
And when I was here working on making it better I could feel this old house(built in the 40's) feel better..(know what I mean?)
There was one day while my oldest was in school and the other had not even been thought of, and I was upset about something and layed on my bed to cry about it, on my side and I heard someone talking, I turned my head to see over to my left and there was a woman standing at the foot of the bed, she was wearing a long dress with an apron and her hair was in a knot on top of her head(dark hair) and she said to me, "It's alright, It's going to be alright." And then she was gone...
So if I had to chose between someone and magical I guess I would have to take the latter...
Hope I haven't overloaded the system with this...

29-04-2002, 23:15
Sounds like the spirits of the house are thanking you for savingit from the drug dealers, and making it al ovely place to live again

30-04-2002, 16:57
I never thought about that...
You know one thing that really tickles me is that when I first started to paint I said that I did not want to paint this house pink... anything but pink... and That is the major color scheme that is here now...Like dark english rose and country beige in the kitchen and antique rose in this room I am in and the girls room is purple...
And I have wondered if the woman this house was built for... if her fave color is Pink?...
I know the house feels better and that makes me feel very good...
When I get my drives where I can scan and print I will take some pics for you all to see... who knows maybe she'll even show up in some...
Just out of curiosity what do you think Jade, anyone else...

01-05-2002, 03:29
pink is the color of love, maybe it makes her feel loved again :)

02-05-2002, 05:48
I think your right about the color scheme...

25-07-2007, 22:48
i figured since I was in this thread that I would do a small update.
When I had the opportunity, I talked to the lady's daughter, i described what I had seen, and she said it sounded just like her mother, and that the words were something her mother would commonly say when things were in upset.

I also asked her what her mother's favorite color was, can you guess what she told me?

Yes, the lady of the house had a favorite color preference of pinks.

Pretty cool, huh?

26-07-2007, 01:28
floracove, what a beautiful story! I think the crystal may have been a gift from the woman you 'saw' in the house. A sort of house warming gift and a thank you for saving it from becoming a house of ill repute. Do you still have this crystal? This story is truly inspiring! Glad you shared it again.

26-07-2007, 01:49
That was a wonderful thing to happen and such a gift. Maybe the gift is from the lady of the house to show you how much you are welcome ?

Jade and all those related colors are just so beautiful and you can offset it with a brilliant pink pillow somewhere just for her or something like that. Or some really nice piece of pink cranberry glass for her with a flower in it ?

I would cherish the crystal it was obviously given to you for all the hard work you are doing in repairing the house and making the dwelling place beautiful.
It was like saying, "See honey, I care".

26-07-2007, 03:36
Unfortunately, I no longer live in that house, it was heirs property and they decided to sell and separate, so I had to move.
A big farmer man bought the land as it adjoined his own, so now the house sits empty.
I miss that old place, and if it weren't for the fact that when the government built it they used asbestos for installation, I'd consider talking with the man to buy the house to be moved. But there is no way I can pay for removal of asbestos, so I'm saving my money for something else.

It was a good old house though, I loved it very well.

26-07-2007, 20:05
That is too bad really. Maybe it was time for you to move on to new things.

Are you still in a rural area ? I would love to live in the country again. Not isolated but less city than now.

26-07-2007, 22:04
I suppose so, since here I am...
I've always loved that house, even as a child riding by and seeing it through the windows. It was a good house. And other than being totally mesmerized by it from childhood, I think that perhaps since my youngest was conceived there has some sort of bearing on a lot of those feelings.

We live right now with my mother (bless her heart), while I'm saving for us a home. We live maybe 7 minutes from the old house, so yes, we are still out in the country.
It is a 26 mile round trip to the nearest town.

26-07-2007, 22:25
Why don't you contact the new owner and see if he will rent it to you ?
It could be he could give you a 99 year lease or something if he cannot or will not sell the piece of land it is on ? Surely farmers are looking for profit as well and having it stand empty is not the answer either. If the house is not worth a lot because of the asbestos and it does not bother you then why should the farmer be less than overjoyed. In that case the land is worth the money not the house ?

Just a thought and maybe you have already investigated all that. Wishing you luck.. memries.

26-07-2007, 23:21
My cousin talked with him months ago, and he wanted $7,000.00 for the house and would move it for $1,000.00.

However, I am worried about the asbestos, and did not know that it was insulated with it until after I had already been living in it for awhile.

You see, the house is tounge and groove, and the installation was trickling through the ceiling, in these strange little threads, that would build and build and always return when I swept them down. I guess I had lived there 2 years before someone came along and told me what they were.

If it were not for that, I would go talk to the man, but then again, I cannot clean the asbestos on my own nor can I afford for such a job to be done.

Although, I would try to talk the man down on his price, since he does know it was me who did all the work of cleaning up that place and all the painting inside and out.

It's ok, though, something else will come along, one which will not have me worrying about asbestos making me or my children sick, as what I want is a permanent home, one I have never known from being cursed as a military dependent and being drug from here to yon for so very long...

It's a nice idea, but I'm not going there with the asbestos to worry about, if not for that, I've already considered doing so.

13-08-2007, 00:34
I suppose that is the best decision for you and your children.

Are there no government grants to do that ? We have them here in Canada I am pretty sure. I guess I am a hanger oner about those things and can well understand your reluctance to let it go. If you got it for free and just had to move it, it might be affordable ! Who else would want it ? Everyone knows about it at this point I would think and I wonder legally if he could rent it to someone else since he knows ? Also why has he not if he could ?
It would save him the cost of tearing it down which he will have to do eventually if he cannot rent it out. It should be his loss not yours.
Sorry I did not see this post before to reply earlier..

13-08-2007, 01:23
It's alright memries. :)

I know that at one time, the government was going through and removing the asbestos from many of the structures they had built, however, I don't know if they do the private housings that they built back in the 40's (which is when this house was built and by the government, there are several like this house in the area.) Surely, they still have some type of record of the structures they have built.

Seems to me, that they would go clean out the houses that they built as well as schools and offices, but I don't know why they don't do so, maybe they feel that they are too old to bother with, maybe they don't want to put the money into the asbestos removal. I'm not sure, but I do think it is a shame as many of these houses are still standing and even though they may need upkeep, they are not falling to pieces in rot.

The man that now owns it is only interested in the land, for farming, he wants the house moved, although, he may wind up having to have the fire dept. come in and do a burn drill.

However, either tearing it down or burning it would let out some type of asbestos into the atmosphere I would think.

I do love the old house, but I can't knowing take that kind of chance with my children's health. If I had known the asbestos was there before I ever moved in the first time, I would not have moved my child in there.

Being a military dependent, I've more than likely lived in housing and gone to schools that featured asbestos instillation before, but my children's health is of more importance to me, than my own. If I can help from exposing them to anything harmful, I will.

It is a shame for such a decent house to go to waste, like many others that sit to rot and fall apart when there are so many people who would love a place to be safe and to rest.

There are so many homes that I have seen that just sit, and then I think about all those people who live in cardboard boxes or on the street and it makes me sad as it makes absolutely no sense to me at all.

But, it will be ok, for me and the girls, we will find something that may not be perfect, but I won't have to worry about them being poisoned by the air they breathe. (At least I hope not...)

13-08-2007, 22:42
What a beautiful story. I agree with what others have said here- i think the crystal was a gift or token of affection for all of your hard work. Hold the crystal, and let the crystal 'talk' to you. what does it feel like to you? What kind of energy does it give off?? Possitive happy energy, soothing calming energy? Healing energy?

Your talk witht he woman's daughter certainly confirmed your suspicions about the color prefferences and the description of the woman. How nice.. Did you happen to get the woman's name? Now youcan talk to her.

We have a spirit in our house. I didn't know his name until after a year. A friedn stopped by and she knew the family. She gave us a little history- after i told her what we had seen here. (Our house was built in 1900) We have been doing a lot of restoration work on the house, because over the years it was used as HUD house, and the last owners did not treat it well at all.

What was really cool, on Holloween (Samhain) 2 yrs ago, a woman came with a 6 yr old little girl, and copies of some photos of Roy, which we have hanging in th eden. The little girl was Roy's great, great granddaughter. She asked if she could bring the little girl inside to show her where her family used to live. So of course we obliged. It was really neet to see Roy step close to her, and see the fmaily resemblance on thier faces. We have not seen Roy since then though.... I guess he found what he was looking for.

Sorry for Rambling on- but your story of the woman bringing you crystal and comfort made me think about Roy and thought i would share my story too.

14-08-2007, 00:33
pooh, like my big mouth is gonna figure on someone one else talking, you can talk all you like sweetheart, it's fine with me. I actually enjoy such stories. :)

I think it's wonderful about Roy, it may have been all he needed to see his extended family come across the threshold of his home. Very sweet, indeed.

Unfortunately, like the majority of my things, that particular stone is packed in storage.

however, the stone did have a sweet calming vibration. I look forward to unpacking it, and hope it hasn't left to go somewhere else before I get my hands on it again, but if it has I hope it brings a surprised smile to whoever finds it.