View Full Version : Something funny happened with a stone (imagine that!)

26-06-2004, 16:37
Something funny happened with one of my stones. Since i'm new to all this, i'm going through and reading through all the old archives. As i'm going that, i have my crystal collection out and i either look at or hold various ones as i'm reading about them in order to see what information i may pick up (consciously or otherwise.) Any way, i was holding some malachite in my left hand reading through some posts. I sort of lost track of what i was doing and looked down. I noticed that my malachite was now in the little compartment with all of my lepidolie. I have no recolection of putting it there or of it even leaving my hand. But the more i looked at it, the malachite just seemed so happy where it was, and the lepidolite didn't seem to mind, so i left him there for the time being. Do you think some stones are "attracted" to one another and even actively seek other stones out? We all want to have companionhship, so why not stones???

Just something fun to think about~


01-07-2004, 01:59
Yes, I certainly do. I have a clear double-terminated quartz crystal that loves a disk of labradorite. When they are apart, they seem to have no energy. But together, they open up my 3rd eye and help me achieve alpha-state easily.

02-07-2004, 11:19
I've noticed in general rose quartzes like to be near amethysts. Some authors of crystal books agree. They seem to enhance each other.