View Full Version : Bad influences this weekend

01-07-2004, 01:55
Just wondering what has been going on celestially this past weekend. Friday evening my good friend/roommate's little daughter got hit by a car and got her toe chopped off. Then I find out another good friend's father-in-law (after being arrested for DUI) is having renal failure due to alcoholism and may die.
Is there some sort of Mars thing going on? Or Mercury (cars?)We're all in NW Arkansas, USA.

01-07-2004, 06:16
looks like it could be a reaction to venus going direct in gemini (Ruled by mercury currently in the sign of family, Cancer.). Everything is coming apart or coming together right now. Even wide spread events like the Iraqi power transfer, Election politics, and even the attack on this forum all happening at once.

There is a shift about, its a combination of things, Mars and Venus being chief among the pantheon. It also seems like time to take a few steps back and get a better view point as to what lies before us at this 90degree turning point in life.