View Full Version : Page links, forward & back, are kind of smallish ..

05-07-2004, 11:23
I could be just a bit mouse-retarded, but does anyone else have problems aiming their cursor at the small '<<' & '>>' (i.e. next page, previous page) links when navigating through the pages of a thread?

It could be due to the fact that often-times I have a wriggling almost-ten-month-old in one arm while I'm trying hit the mark, but even when I've got both hands to work with, I find it a bit tricky.

Just a suggestion that they might be made a bit bigger, if at all possible. I know there are much bigger fish to fry in the world of the AT forums, but hey, it's the little things which make our life comfortable, yes? :)

Please feel free to agree that I'm simply mouse-retarded. :D