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20-07-2004, 10:41
I've had a strange problem lately, I will sign in and I keep getting prompted to log in , even in the windows where I know I've already signed in.

Same with opening attachments, every time I click on a different one, I get prompted for my password, even though I AM signed in.

Does anyone know why? I have cookies enabled so it isn't that.


20-07-2004, 22:56
Hi darwinia,

Your account was not set to remember your username and password. I've changed it to do so, and you should be able to stay logged in now. Let me know if you have further problems.

~ Solandia

22-07-2004, 00:26
Oh for goodness sake, now do I feel stupid. I don't remember having it set like that but when I'm away for a while I uncheck the PM function so maybe I inadvertently reset this option too.

Thanks so much Solandia, I appreciate it.