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19-04-2002, 22:00
Greetings all.
I was just wondering if you could say something on prices on astrology analysis. I contacted an astrologer yesterday, and he said that a full analysis cost 1200 NOK (141 USD / 97 GBP), but since I have five planets in Virgo, and probably wouldn't accept that, the price would be 1000 NOK (117 USD / 81 GBP). :P

19-04-2002, 23:49
wow... that's an expensive one.

heh, i just purchased a shareware program called MacAstronomica for charts and stuff for $25. tomorrow we're gonna test it out at a <shameless plug>PSYCHIC FAIRE</shameless plug> i'm going to read cards for.

i have a friend who is AWESOME with charts and needs this software to calculate the chart so he can interpret it. printouts, all the various different chart styles are included and i;ve seen a screenshot of the printout and it's the best darned looking shareware chart print i've seen.

(i know nothing of astrology yet... my aunt gave me id10t's guide to astrology, and i want to learn. i just need more time).

it's neet software.
and it beats the heck outta having to pay $200 USD for some chart that isn't 100% personalized and no person telling you what it all means.

blessed be,

20-04-2002, 06:16

The range in the US is from about $50. to $450 (and the latter is for the Top guns like Noel Tyl).

Most professional astrologers today are starving and most are lowering their prices. In the area where I am the average price is $75.00 for a natal chart only and more if the person wants progressions and a solar return done.

Prices vary according to the area, if the astrologer is a published author, if he/she has appeared on TV, print and the like. The more famous a name is, the more the charge will be.


22-04-2002, 21:31
.dc: sounds like a great learning-tool you've gotten yourself. :) Btw, if I pay this guy $200, I get a fully personalized horoscope. However, I just can't afford it now.

AquarianGoddess: I'll have to ask him how famous he is. :P

How much do you think only a forcast cost? Lets say, for a year.

23-04-2002, 06:45

I have no idea what the cost would be in Norway.

You can order a Transit report/and or a Progressed computer generated report for about $20.00 each from any number of websites.

It might be best to buy a cheapie forecasting program and then you'll have it for many years.

23-04-2002, 17:19
AquarianGoddess: wow, that's really interesting. Can you suggest any good programs then? *s*

24-04-2002, 08:18
There's one from Astro Communication Services in Calif (you can do a search for them on Google) and it's called "The Astrologer Reveals Your Future" or something close to that. It costs about $60.00 (US).

The computer stores near me sell a $20.00 version but I don't know how good it is.

Just so you know, the program will not be the same as having a reading with a reputable astrologer, but it is less expensive and something that you can keep using.

24-04-2002, 19:18
AG: thank you for your help. :) I'll check it out and think about it. *s*