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24-07-2004, 00:12
Recently, I bought a few crystals after being inspired by what I was reading here. Now I understand about being pulled toward a particular crystal- sometimes they "call to you" and you must have them...

One of these was Epidote. I have a small black epidote crystal which is cloaked in tiny quartz crystals on one side. Last night, I fell asleep with it in my hand, thinking of my upcoming Vegas trip.

I then had a very vivid dream about a comedian who I have seen on tv. I dreamed I was at a show of his in a hotel in Vegas that I had previously stayed in. There was a large family whom I did not know, and me, sitting on a bed instead of the regular seats. We were the only ones in the auditorium. We were watching this comedian who was performing just a few feet in front of us. He came around my side and said he needed a volunteer... when I stood up, I saw he was only wearing a towel, and he looked at me slyly and let the towel fall off. I was very uncomfortable with that.

There are some details here that I think are related to the epidote. The place I bought it said it could be used to aid remote viewing, which I can sometimes do. Here is a quote from healthynewage.com: Epidote stone healing power: This deep green stone heals the linkage between us and the psychic plane. It helps use to receive certain knowledge often from firsthand sources. This simple grounding 'back to the Earth' vibration strengthens over all health. It tells us when we need to eat better and when we need to rest.

I don't think the dream had anything to do with the psychic plane or grounding, but I did notice that when I fell asleep, my brain was still semi-concious. I was lucid while asleep for at least a few minutes. I have almost never done that before.

Also, I was able to fall asleep very easily, and I remembered the dream upon waking, also not common for me. When I awoke, the stone was still clutched securely in my hand. 8 hours later!

I am still thinking about the results of my night with epidote. If I come up with more details, I will post them. I can't wait to experiment with more crystals!

Does anyone else have any experiences with Epidote to share?