View Full Version : Question about flourite bracelet?

27-07-2004, 15:25
I am interested to hear anyone's opinion on which wrist I should wear this on and why?

Should I wear it on the left or right? Or perhaps even rotate that?

And should I wearing it on different wrists say when I am reading and when I am at College?

Many Thanks!!!

27-07-2004, 17:23
Everything that i remember reading about Flourite has to do with it's more sensitive and psychic nature. Therefore, i would that if you wanted to invoke these attributes, i'd wear the braclet on your dominate hand (your right if you're right handed, left if your left handed.) And on the hand (sorry, i couldn't resist!) if you want to be open or receptive to these attributes, wear the braclet on your other hand (left if your right handed, right if you're left handed.) Does that make sense??


27-07-2004, 18:09
That kinda makes sense...I am right handed and have been drawn to wear it on my right, but thinking at College I would like to be more focused so perhaps then wear it on my left, now does that sense, LOL?

Thanks Justin :D

Ruby Red Slippers
27-07-2004, 20:51
Flourite is a crystal that brings the head and heart togeher to focus the energy. Therefore, any wrist you feel most comfortable with will be the "right" one, IMO :)


28-07-2004, 13:29
It's a good stone for the intellect. Perfect for wearing to college.

I have heard if you want to project the qualities of the stone in your dealings with others, wear the bracelet on your right wrist (or a ring on your right hand, or carry it in your right pants pocket, etc.)

If you are wearing the stone to draw the qualities of the stone to yourself, wear or carry on the left.

Of course, this is, as always, a matter of preference and intuition. I wear a watch on my right wrist (even though I am right-handed), so my bracelets tend to go on my left wrist. And I wear rings on my right hand because of the discovery that the sight of any ring on the left ring finger can be misinterpreted as a sign of marriage.

What's important is that the stone is in your aura.