View Full Version : some neat info on the USA Command in Chief

02-08-2004, 11:53

The fifth paragraph seems to indicate that something outside the standard astrological pantheon may be influencing on of the most powerful man in the Western Hemispere, perhaps an asteroid or a quasar or even another galaxy beyond ours. Bush does have that tendacy to mess words up on occasion, and even more so exert his emotional side in inapropriate ways ("Bring em on" for example [ironically being used agains him] or when Liberia was going through upheaval last year he made a very loud and emotional statement in regards to the Liberian dictator that "HE NEEDS GET OUT OFFICE" [which ironically has been forgotton about by now] which I had the chance to see live. It should be mentioned the future reairings of the presidential outburst were for the most part edited out.)

Regardless of his rather, shall we say blunt, form of communicating, he does seem to take some things personally (Gay Rights for example) while being weirdly impassive about others (ex: Mexicans crossing the border).

the 7th and 8th paragraphs detail the possible reasons, but it does seem that an anomoly in deep space is disrupting the tides that this President rides on resulting in harsh sailing for the crew but the President trying to reassure that everything is A-ok when even he does not know.

And finally the quotes from GW himself are, well, Bushish among other things. Perhaps he should cut down on the cafeenie.