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07-08-2004, 06:36
I referred to some asteroids in teh article http://tarotforum.net/showthread.php?s=&threadid=23223&highlight=asteroid

So now I though I would return to those asteroid bodies and to where they are now.

Nemesis:now in taurus, stubborness and attitude weilding will get you nowhere. Being flexible is important at this time, adapting to new situaitons and new critieria, don't be pushy and don't push back. What needs to be done for efficiency will make the Tauruean energies that much easier to handle. This weekend, 8/8 and 8/9 will be blended with lunar taurus, if you have the day off, enjoy it.

Phaethon now in gemini, supporting communication and travel, but also with Gemini's ruler mercury retrograding in second companaion sign Virgo within the week, traditional mercury retrograde activity (which has already been above normal for the last three weeks prior to the retro) will be amped up.

Sisyphus in leo challanges authority, and sometimes not diplomatically. The best universal example of this would be the Presidential elections this year. Although more personal examples will be present, especially if you are a leo or aquarian.

sphinx: remaining in scorpio, the deepest darkest secrets are under lock and key, but sometimes all you need is an open eye, especially if its one of egyptain origin. Be aware, tap into the psychic realm, but don't expect everything to be handed to you. Relax and be one with the world.

11-08-2004, 04:51
Phaethon in Gemini increases the traditional meaninsgs of Mercury Retrograde as Mercury retrogrades in its second sign of Virgo, it will return to Leo to harass our leaders into submission.

Well, strangeley enough the asteroid America (916) is in Virgo, and has already transited mercury, and mercury will transit this influencing body again during the retrograde and then once again once it goes direct. Thin of it a jumpstart, especially in relation to the election year.

Asteroid Union (1585) is also in Virgo, but further within the sign, this body is ready to conjunct Jupiter, a fortunate aspect, but one that comes with a great deal of responsibility.

Well, that leaves the asteroid "United Nations" (6000) at 1 degree of Gemini for the time being. Just in time to fill the void that Lilith (the dark moon) and venus have left as those two enter Cancer. We will soon see the light and dark sides to this organization.

That leaves Chiron and Saturn in direct opposition in Capricorn and Cancer, but that also means that Chiron will be opposing everything that Juno, also in Cap, will oppose, including Lilith, Venus, and Saturn.

Mars in Virgo will transit the retrograding mercury, resulting in stagnant actions with frustrating outcomes for many, for others it will be an easy going time. Mars leaving Leo and Venus Leaving Gemini marks the end of the fliting that has been going on, now its time for a more serious approach to our relations.

Mercury's retrograde will only add to the tense situation by modifying certain details, usually dealing with communciation and travel.

Thats's my forecast, stormy with isolated rain but lots of thunder that will build to a stronger storm.

14-08-2004, 08:36
Sisyphus (@ 14Leo) is currently opposing Neptune in Aquarius (@13 deg) on this 13th day of August. Asteroid Desdemona (666) is conjuncting Neptune, and both Aquarian residing bodies are in retrograde. This of course happening at the same time as the new moon, which is playing a star role in Huricane Charlie.

Well, the moon isn't "new" just yet, this is the void of course Cancer moon and the balsamic phase, the time just before the moons conjunction with the sun but after it enteres the current solar sign.

The moons last aspect was a conjunction to Saturn (21can) and an oppositin to Chiron (21Cap). While still in conjunction and oppositin with these bodies, not to meniton teh transiting part of fortune and the Acendent/decendent/mc/ic, things will seem active but its actually a feeling of winding down, the calm before the storm so to say.

Speaking of which, as menitoned, Hurricane Charlie, has hit Florida. Not to be negative, but this is an unlucky Friday the 13th for quite a few people. It happens though, natural events help make this planet beautiful. A void of course moon also sends all plans, schedules, and communication into the haze, already thick as pea soup due to the Mercury REtrograde, I hope that preperation for the hurricane was enough to curb mercury's miscommunication mishaps.

The moon will be in Leo by the 14th, it will first cross pallas @ 5leo. This is important, Pallas wil charge the moon with assertivness and overpower neptunian insecurites. The moon is a harsh mistress and when imbalance is present, she will take authority. This is not a time to be dominering or bashful, its time to take the stars and prepare for new ideas to take hold. Little things are very important right now and mars in virgo takes hold of that concept and runs full charge through.

The new moon will occur on sunday (check local time with moon charts) and then it will be void of course again until it hits virgo and conjuncts Mars, and the retrograding Mercury that will then continue trekking its non-conformist motion past the solar Leo degree. The moon will act as a logical anchor (ironically enough) as she passes over the asteroids Ceres (while opposing Uranus in Pisces), America, Union, and the Planet Jupiter all in Virgo, charged with the energy she (the moon) got from crossing paths with Mars that she needs to resolve the imbalance by restoring the libran order of truth.

The opposition to uranus will be brief, but powerful. Combined with the strong retrograde energy right now (mercury, neptune, uranus, pluto, and several asteroids) the outcomes will be strange and numerous, but just keep tabs on everything and let the situation pass without scathing you.

I can't think of much more righ tnow, Venus is teh only planet i didn't mention this time and she's @ 5Cancer just hangin out for now, softening the opposition to Juno @ 10cap. Time and patience will win the day, but permanant change is coming soon, and for the better.

22-08-2004, 11:09
"America", A.K.A. asteroid number 916.

America has transited through the sign of virgo, Crossing Mars, Mercury, and the Asteroid Ceres. It prepares to transit the asteroid Union (1585) and then the planet Jupiter, Atlantis(1198) waits beyond at the cusp entering Libra.

During this string of conjunctions, a single opposition to Uranus in Pisces (incidently Uranus still opposes Mars, Mercury, the Sun, and more, quickly becoming less, Ceres) occured, and flash of awarness sparked within us. Pisces spreads the power evenly, and so it is quickly diminished. The current slow moving opposition is acting as a flow buffer, so that proper responsibility is delegated properly.

Mercury, as always, has gotten ahead of itself and now is in need of returning to the source of leadership found in leo. Voiced concerns should be heard now, and reconcilliation of old projects will conclude.