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24-04-2002, 15:45
In your Astrological Profile, which aspect has the most... bearing on your personality? I always thought it was your sun sign that you followed to work out your personality, but then some people have said it is you rising sign... and what about your moon sign?

Which am I most? My Sun, Rising or moon sign... or perhaps something else???

25-04-2002, 00:23
hmmm...I'm mostly Sag (sun sign)...but sometimes my rising comes out (Capricorn)...My moon sign is Virgo and I really don't see that in me. So as of now, I'm going with my sun sign.

25-04-2002, 00:31
I don't know enough about astrology to answer your question with ANY authority; I can only speak from personal experience.

I am Pisces sun, Libra moon, and Leo rising, and while Pisces and Libra fit me really well, I (and those who know me) almost never see Leo in me. And when I read interpretations of my chart, that is usually the part I have the mos trouble seeing as accurate. Once again, this is just my personal experience, your results may vary.


25-04-2002, 04:29
In astrology there is something about ruling planet/sign in a natal chart. In the zodiac, each sign has a planet that rules it but I don't know if that has any bearing. I'm still new at the studies so I'm not sure how this is determined.
I have sun moon and merc in cap and my rising is in virgo along with 3 planets. That's 7 earth signs..My personallity totaly reflects that.
As far as what sign rules over me, well I like thing neat and tidy (vir) but I procrastinate getting it done (cap).....

25-04-2002, 05:34


Sun sign is your conscious creative vitality - the core you
Moon sign is your unconscious emotional reactive side
Your Ascendant is the way in which you project yourself to the outside world.

These are the three most important astrological influences in your personality (arguably in that order) but

Mercury indicates the way in which you think and communicate
Venus indicates the way in which you consciously relate to others
Mars indicates the way in which you assert yourself in the world
Jupiter indicates how you grow and expand yourself through contact with others
Saturn indicates your boundaries, limits, how you protect yourself and what you fear.

Like Jupiter, Saturn operates at a social level.

The sign in which the planets lie indicates how you express these aspects of your personality, the House position shows the area of life in which you most express them.

The Aspects (as in angles) that planets make show the challenges, and opportunities available to you - what comes easy and what you need to work at in order to achieve.

Collectively they give an indication of your personality.

Your ruling planet is usually the planet ruling the Ascendant - that is the sign rising over the Eastern horizon at your time of birth - If like me, you have Leo rising then your ruling planet is the Sun.

If you have a planet withing two or three degrees of the Ascendant, then some Astrologers will take that as the ruling planet. In my case I have Saturn a couple of degrees from the Ascendant and I tend to take Saturn as my ruling planet (which indicates that I must be a masochist because any sensible astrologer would prefer the Sun as his or her ruling planet)

Sorry to be a bit long winded but the point is that all the planets up to and including Saturn have a significant baring on your personality by Sign and House and the three outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto will exert an influence through the Aspects they make to the others and through their House position - your personality is the blend they all make.



25-04-2002, 05:51
Linda Goodman says that sun sign is generally 80% of your personality. So , I would have to guess that the sun sign is definitely the most important of the planets. And just think of how much Way bigger and brighter the sun is than all of the other planets! But feel free to disagree!
Well , that sounds good in theory, but, I am a capricorn and don't feel That describes 80% of my personality at all!

25-04-2002, 06:29

Yes I've seen similar figures quoted and a range from around one third to that 80%. Actually she says that the Sun sign is about 80% accurate and as there is a very good chance that Mercury (never more than a sign away) and Venus (never more than two signs away) are also in your Sun sign. the three together would give quite a weight to that Sign. I am a Sun sign Libra but born in the last hours of Libra and both my Mercury and Venus are in Scorpio. Nevertheless I do feel a very strong Libra trait in my personality - the biggest single influence, but Scorpio (3 planets plus Chiron plus the South node) and Leo (Ascendant, Mars Saturn and Pluto) are also quite prominant.

have lost track of the number of people who don't think that their Sun Sign is a good descriptor but who will agree with a full reading. Most chart weighting systems will count the Sun as double weight in assessing element and qualities balance.

I don't doubt though that the Sun is the biggest single influence - It is the life giving energy to us all and many astrologers see the Sun as a symbol of our Spirit.



25-04-2002, 08:10
I can tell you that I am NEVER guessed to be an Aquarius, although I really am, through and through...air head and all. I often get picked as a Scorpio (because I scare people I guess, lol), Pluto on my ascendant.

25-04-2002, 18:04
Minderwiz and everybody - thankyou for throwing so much light on this subject for me!

My sun sign is Pisces, moon sign is Libra (we might get along very well IRL napaisti...) and my rising is Gemini. I have always felt that I am a Pisces through and through... but perhaps a little Gemini is creeping in (always starting new tarot projects... :P)