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isthmus nekoi
27-08-2004, 09:55
August 29
19:23 PDT
22:23 EDT

A Pisces full moon emphasizes the axis of Virgo-Pisces and is looking rather challenging. It really does seem like we've been going through some tricky full moons lately haven't we? Let's take a closer look at the astro signatures this lunation:

Firstly, a Pisces moon is extremely receptive and sensitive. As this one is tightly conjunct Uranus, this makes for wild, erratic behaviour and a difficulty in shielding oneself from energy surges; things in the lunar realm are rather batty as it were. A sun-Mars conjunction doesn't help, lending a combative air to the lunation. Factor in a loose square from Mars to Pluto and things could get downright violent. It would be nice to see some Saturnian control here, but Saturn is still weakened in Cancer, softened up by a conjunction to Venus. Although Venus-Saturn sextiles Jupiter, it does seem that overall moodiness, loony behaviour, and accidents are in store this full moon. As this lunation is also void of air, this is a particularly poor time to try to work out anything important, especially in terms of communicating.

For another take on this lunation, check out the Mountain Astrologer: http://www.mountainastrologer.com/planettracks/lunation.html

27-08-2004, 16:51
This is a time of great interest to me as I'm a Pisces Moon.

According to my software the Pisces Full Moon occurs on Sunday 30 August at 12:22:14pm in this part of the world. I think I have already begun to feel the influences you mention, Isthmus.

The transitting Moon is conjunct natal Moon exactly on 30 August, resulting in feelings of contentment, spontaneity.

Transitting Moon is also square Jupiter which is quite benevolent.

Transitting Moon opposes natal Mars which is not so good but of short duration so I simply have to be aware.

Although these are interesting transits the other occurring at the same time are generally not so benevolent. Uranus opposing Mars is quite tricky and dynamic and I wil need to do something creative with all that energy. Uranus wil also be conjunct my natal Moon which is quite tricky, Transitting Saturn opposes natal Venus, again a tricky one.

A lovely healing transit at this time will be Chiron sextile Chiron, and I'll certainly need the energy from that.

For me at this time the issue is balance - equilibrium. I've had really bad headaches in the last two days which may be partly th effect of some of these tricky transits. Another effect has been an acute sensitivity. It is quite strong. I'm shortly to go out for a walk to soothe some of that!

You're right Isthmus. It's a mixed bag. I wonder how other Pisces Moons are feeling?

27-08-2004, 20:55
Isthmus ~

This might seem like a naive question, but what is the more significant aspect - transits to natal or transits to transits? Does that make sense?

My head is super gluggy at present :)


isthmus nekoi
27-08-2004, 23:34
Hi Moongold,

Transits to transits, or how the sky actually is, would set the tone as it were - if you imagine the planets as weather, there are sunny days and rainy days if you know what I mean. Neither is bad, although I think for the most part, people can agree on what constitutes nice weather! Transits to natal planets will show you how this weather specifically affects you. I would say b/c they are more personal, that I would look at these first, while keeping the context what's going on in the skies.

I'm not sure about this, but I also suspect this full moon will make ppl more sensitive to drugs/alcohol...

27-08-2004, 23:42
Originally posted by isthmus nekoi

I'm not sure about this, but I also suspect this full moon will make ppl more sensitive to drugs/alcohol...

Ah well : that's one thing I don't have to worry about for myself but I work in a drug treatment and support agency so we might be busier, huh?

Someone died just last Wednesday :( . When people use straight after detox they forget that they've lost their tolerance, and deaths are common. It is terribly sad.

28-08-2004, 08:07
mixed with all the rest, the finale is looking rather complicated

see http://tarotforum.net/showthread.php?s=&postid=350775#post350775 for more information

28-08-2004, 22:32
Just for fun, here is the Pisces Moon on August 29 here. 17 hours before she becomes a full moon. This was taken with a little Canon A80 in the front car park of where I live.

Hope I can attach it now.

29-08-2004, 16:20
Wow, Moongold -- a beautiful Oooops!

Lovely photo as the clouds seem to wrap around the moon's aura. Simply beautiful!

isthmus nekoi
30-08-2004, 10:27
Wow, Moongold, gorgeous pic!

So, how did everyone's full moon go? Mine went relatively ok - I ended up watching Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas: it's a movie that is about a reporter who goes on a total drug binge. I rented it b/c I liked Brazil (by the same director) and didn't realize it was all about LSD until I started watching it. Very very strange film but suitable I guess!!

30-08-2004, 13:17
So far so good!

Took a very long drive to my storage locker (100 miles away) and took different routes than usual. Explored some back roads and saw places I've not seen before. Was a peaceful way to spend today -- new visual stimulus cleared my head.

Generally speaking, the new moon is the one which gives me an emotional twist, while the full moon makes me more adventurous. Hold true for this month!

30-08-2004, 20:04
Hi Guys ~

Since you liked the photo and I have just learned how to do the photobucket thing, I thought you might like to se a better image.

This should be much better. I really love it myself. The Moon seemed wait for this gap in the clouds. It was almost affectionate and benign - don't laugh at me! I think the Goddess, Isis, allowed it to happen for just a few seconds.


31-08-2004, 03:32
Beautiful beautiful photos Moongold!
I am a Pisces Moon...and I gotta tell ya I had one of the worst nights, this particular full moon!

(I think I need to spend more time here in the Astrology forum...and paying more attention to what the heavens are doing!)

I was feeling...very out of the blue...frustrated and overly sensitive to everything around me. I was forgetting words, and concepts, and had a very hard time focusing.
And I wanted to hit stuff! Actually...what I really wanted to do was drag out my drum and do some drumming!

I am blaming it all on the moon....which I was sadly not even aware of, until I saw it!

isthmus nekoi
31-08-2004, 05:03
Moongold, that's gorgeous! :)

Chronata - nice to see you in Astrology! As for the moon, things will get better. The next Virgo new moon is looking much more focused and productive; just in time for school!

Actually, I take back what I said about not really feeling the effects of the full moon. My dreams the past couple days have been very vivid and bizarre.

03-09-2004, 22:54
Well... I'm LATE, but since I finally got some moments to enjoy here...
just wanted to say, that my nights around that pisces moon, were, well, sleepless!! I'm still recovering from a jet-lag (flew on that 30th!!!), so it's as if it goes on...
I have been very sensitive too, very aware of my vulnerabilities. And, now regarding Alcohol, well, i had 4 glasses of red wine on the plane, and I never do that!!!! (4 glasses, that is...)

Great pic Moongold btw!
and, Oh, I just love Pisces Lunars! Since I'm a scorp, we just have an "understanding"!!! :)

09-09-2004, 12:25
Now the new moon in virgo brings the last month to a standstill as the mercurial influences are no longer in retrograde. Low emergies. amd the virgos know it too, they will take their time in their processes, as all they have done is taking root.