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03-09-2004, 23:15
Hello there!
Have been away from here for too long... hope to balance somehow life better in the future!!!

My creative Muse is calling me again, and this time, she reminds me that I promised to myself to make one astrology art line each year (done so in the past 2 years, at that time...)

I'm always very sceptical with astro art, becasue there is little I like, and I always have trouble with my own sign (Scorp), which rarely looks good-or friendly, with all those legs and tails!!

So, there is no specific question here, just a place to share what astro art you like, what you do with it and all that... (Gold chains with zodiac signs and tattoos are welcome too!!! They are art too, no?)

Myself: Never had any Scorp item on me, in any way (keeping secrets...), neither in my home. BUT, I do have 12 pictures in my bathroom, one for each sign!
I would like to have items with all signs.. I prefer them that way, than one sign. I would love a huge poster with a celestial theme. And high leather boots with 12 enameled buttons on the side! More, later ;)

isthmus nekoi
05-09-2004, 00:12
I absolutely love the zodiac piece by Alphonse Mucha!


I have a postcard of it on my wall in my bedroom and it's on the front page of my website too :)

My sister also has the most adorable glass featuring a little crab (she's a Cancer). It also has descriptive Cancer words like "sensitive" etc. I'll post a picture if I find the time.

Let's see, what else? Oh yes, I also cut out the Scorpio picture from Llewellyn's 2003 Astrology calendar and put this up in my bedroom too.

05-09-2004, 22:51
Oh, thank you isthmus!
I was wondering, "nobody" cares about astro art???

What a TIMING with the Mucha piece!!! Just last week, I saw the original!!!, and bought a post card! What I really wanted was the mousepad though (round shape), but I'm on a budget, so...
They are doing great licensing work with his images. Calendars, journals, address books, playing cards...
The original was a bit "washed-out", but surely stunning...! I was very inspired by it, as an approach for all-signs-in-one piece. I would really like to evolve to that, and to make a wall size astro theme...oh...but...when????

Have you ever visited the Grand Central station in NY?
They have the MOST amazing celestial ceiling. very simple, clean and streamlined, but really nice. I'll see if I can get a picture...

meantime, here is my favorite Virgo...I'm trying to make a male version of it now.... I actually have a solution!!!;)

05-09-2004, 22:53
will the virgo appear now?

06-09-2004, 00:13
Originally posted by M-Press

Have you ever visited the Grand Central station in NY?
They have the MOST amazing celestial ceiling. very simple, clean and streamlined, but really nice.

Thank you for reminding me to LOOK UP. I walk under that ceiling every day, and I can't remember the last time I consciously looked at it. I guess I do see it, subconsciously, because I just took a couple of minutes to visualize it in detail, and was even able to drift upwards and see the texture of the plaster and the smooth gold leaf in closeup. There are advantages to seeing with the mind's eye after all.

My favorite zodiac art has a wheel of the year/wheel of the heavens theme.


isthmus nekoi
06-09-2004, 04:39
Oh my, you know, I have been in Grand Central Station, but I didn't even notice!!

And that virgo is very cute! :D

I think it would be nice to go by element and set a colour for each. Blue for the water signs etc.

I totally forgot about earlier astro art as well. I just love those really old arcane alchemical prints. I once bought a book full of them by TASCHEN, forget the title.

Stephane Manel did some astro sign art for ELLE:

(you can tell I really like art w/a flat design lol)

06-09-2004, 23:27
Isthmus, i promise to take a couple of pictures of the GC "sky", but I will be able to post in only after my camera cable and i reunite!!!!

Very nice that Stephane Manel piece btw... very ELLE, of course... totally fits such a magazine...but I like art that shows the qualities of the signs, and is not just stating the sign. I would assume that the other signs are a variation of the same style?

I think I know that Taschen Alchemy book you talk about... Thick, full of woderful stuff!!! Yes, I also love these, and actually I want to make variations that build on those.

I think that ambermoon is also refering to one of those detailed wheels that appears in that book too....?

The thing of course is also WHERE can you use it, other than sign-by-sign magazine/greeting card use....

Well, here is a little crab... (if it will agree to attach itself...!)

isthmus nekoi
08-09-2004, 01:29

Ah! I can totally see your style in the crab :) I love pretty stationary but some other uses could be prints for tshirts and underthings ;) I tend towards more subdued colours but they could look quite lovely if you tweaked the design. Buttons and magnets are easy enough to do, I think. There's an independent design store in Vancouver at http://www.meomi.com that might give you some ideas.

Wallpaper for desktops is something else to consider - and very easy to do. I found a lovely piece by Ayumi Kasai and turned that into a Venus in Scorpio background. It's too large to attach here of course - if you'd like to see it, I could upload it to my site and send you a link.

Ah yes, you are correct re: Manel - most of the astrological prints show pretty women holding or lounging about around the zodiac symbol.

The Taschen book's title is Alchemy and Mysticism. I bought it on super discount in NY :)

12-09-2004, 00:30
Oh, Isthmus!
i would love to see that venus in scorpio!!!! (not that i like to be reminded of that... quite a tuff placement... I guess we share it as well? most of my female friends do!!!

I just got back after shooting Grand Central ceiling. donno how it came out... will post in a couple of days from my "native" computer!!!
i also saw yesterday the Lwellyn calendar. Does not exactly fit my home decor... i'd rather have a Manel or a sakki-sakki! ;)

isthmus nekoi
12-09-2004, 02:02

ok I'll upload the file in a couple days and PM you when it's up :) I actually have Venus in fun lovin Sagittarius, but I just love the Thoth's 7 of Cups which Crowley associates w/V in Scorp. He calls it "debauch". Don't you just love it?

lol... the Llewellyn calendar.... I too would much rather have a sakki-sakki!! (I shall speak no more ill of that calendar here, but if you've read my livejournal then you know how I really feel about it! :D)

14-09-2004, 22:40
I've uploaded here some GC pics:

They are quite horrific (quality wise), and I did plenty of contast on them, so that teh lineart can show. The background is actually a nice, subtle aqua-green and the line art is golden. Really nice...
Could totally adapt this for the livingroom...