View Full Version : Properties of the Grenade gem

08-09-2004, 01:35
Yesterday I found a garnet bead necklace in a shop where I was passing by with a friend, and I couldn't go out without taking it (sign that it was meant to take - last time I passed by, a few months ago, I wanted to take it but I didn't because I thought it was futile shopping rather than intuition calling). I'm supposed to use it as a power enhancer for my tarot spreads and my rituals, but I thought garnet was much more a physical power and health stone than of mental and spiritual abilities. Am I right?Or are garnets as well associated with spiritual powers?Could there be another reason for me to have chosen this stone??(like being a stone of my sign or something)

Anyway, if the necklace should have other use than this, it will reveal sometime :P


P.S: Sorry I've mistaken the name of this stone before :( It comes from the word "grenadine" (the fruit) which is the same colour of the garnet crystal)