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11-09-2004, 05:28
Does anyone have one of these & do you notice a difference in the air quality? I have asthma & allergies & I'm thinking about getting one.

11-09-2004, 14:14
I was looking into getting one, but I read an article that said that while they do ionize the air, salt lamps do not do it to a great enough extent to actually benefit you. You would have to be extremely close to (as in touching or within an inch or so of) one at all times for a long time to see any sort of benefit. Or you could also live in a cave made completely of salt for many years....

But they are pretty, and peaceful looking, with their gentle warm glow. Even if they couldn't ionize you sufficiently, you could easily relax, meditate - or even read Tarot - by the light of one. I have heard of people using the small ones for nightlights.


11-09-2004, 15:29
I recently bought one of these when I was on vacation - but I had no clue there were claims to all these benefits...I just thought it looked beautiful and would glow peacefully on my nightstand by the bed. (which it does)

Very interesting. I'm glad I caught your posting. Thanks!

Sally Anne

11-09-2004, 17:27
I bought one for my mom's b-day last year and it is very beautiful in a dark room. It lets off a soft glow and it very calming to the atmosphere.

However, I've never heard of any air differences it causes or anything like that.

11-09-2004, 23:44
Hmm, the price is good enough I was thinking of getting two - one for my bedroom & one for my office. They're 9-11 pounds each. I'll have to do some more digging around & hopefully find some independent articles. One page I found has customer testimonials - all positive, but I guess they could have made them up. lol Not as easy a decision as I thought.

12-09-2004, 00:44

I've got one at home, but it's placed in a small room: a lamp like that should cover a room that's 3m by 3.
You shoul watch out with humidity, though, even in the air, cos when I came back from a holliday, some small parts had fallen of.

But, it's a great lamp! If you want to use it for astma and allergies, it's better to search for a blue one: I got a booklet with mine, and that's what it said;-)

My brother-in-law also has astma and allergies, and for allergies, he uses aquamarine(lapis lazuli is also good), and for astma he uses tigers eye (!!!), malachite and tourmaline. In general, I find blue stones are effective for anything that has to do with difficulties of breathing.

Hope to have helped you in some way,

12-09-2004, 01:26
I've decided against it after finding this:

As far as ambience, I might go for a night light from Sharper Image that cycles through different colors.
Kattelein, since you mentioned the benefits of blue, would the same go for blue light? The night light I just mentioned has a button you can press to "freeze" on a favorite color.

Thanks for your input everyone! :o)

12-09-2004, 06:50
There's a division of holistic therapy that uses colored light, silk scarves, and so on for the healing vibrations of each color. There are some threads on it here, or Google "color therapy".


19-09-2004, 21:32

I presume blue light also helps, but I must say I'm no expert in that area:-(
I do know a lot about homeopathie, natural treatements and all that, so if you're interested you could allways PM me.

Happy to help any time,