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isthmus nekoi
12-09-2004, 02:04
This Virgo moon and sun conjunction create a stellium with Mars and Jupiter, as well as sharing the sign with its ruler, Mercury. There is a strong concentration in mutable energy this lunar phase, emphasizing qualities of adjustment, reassessment and adaptation. Because this is a new moon however, these qualities should be focused on re-establishing order in one’s life. I’m happy to say the energy of this moon couldn’t come at a better time as students ease back into their school schedules. Practical Virgo rules analysis, diagnosis as well as ritual; something that has been sorely lacking in the skies prior to this new moon.

Other signatures bode well. With Mercury direct in the sign of its exaltation, this is a very good time to take stock of the bumpy ride we’ve had the last couple full moons, learn from the mistakes we’ve made and work towards more constructive projects. Its opposition to Uranus might make for erratic turns in thought trains, but the strong adaptable Virgo energy will help to ground the energy and channel it towards practical means. Saturn also makes some helpful sextiles to the Moon/Sun-Mars-Jupiter stellium strengthening energies with some much needed discipline. Just watch out for the Pluto squares to the same Virgo stellium; while this lunation may be energizing, be careful not to overdo it and pack your schedule too full with commitments; you may not feel so gung-ho about things a couple months down the road.

14-09-2004, 07:52
OMG, Ithmus! You have no *idea* how happy I am to read this! The last week in particular has been, shall we say, full of tension and misundertsandings at work, due - I think - to mis-communications (you say potatoe, I say potato - let's argue about that instead of focusing on the fact we are both talking about a white starch-y root veggie...)

I've been exhausted just from dealing with that crap-ola and really need a breather......so I will take the words of wisdom to heart and make sure that I don't pile too much on.....


14-09-2004, 11:04
Virgo is quite busy right now, along with Mercury, the Moon, The sun, Mars, and Jupiter, we also have asteroids Ceres, promoting good health, America(#916), blessing the nation with calm patience, and Union(#1585), initiating intranational, and international communication and cooperation. Asteroid Atlantis(#1198) just left Virgo to prepare for global justice in Libra. Sisyphous(1866) is also preparing to enter Virgo, thus rebooting our workloads and our workethics, after finalizing the reboot of the current leaderships. and Mars, the Sun, Ceres, and America are all cojunct.

The U.S.A. was brought to existence in July, 1776 , ruled by the moon. Given face with its Great Seal on June 20th 1782 ruled by mercury. Now both of these bodies are in Virgo, and communication of our dreams and desires will be activated with mercury's opposition to Uranus, charged with venus's encroaching opposition to neptune, and those dreams will be vivid. The moon will manifest those dreams through our industrial side, the fear of job loss will be adressed and mended but only with the right decisions being made.

Mars was the first to move forward of the four bodies, now moving headstrong into Asteroid Union and Jupiter. In fact, due to the compressed nature of the conjunctions, the text for the chart i am referring to pushed all the names ahead all the way into Scorpio :)

I would like to address the Dark Moon, or Lilith as it is called. This gravitational body, the counter gravity well to earth, is currenlty in the Moons own sign, Cancer. Acting as a balancing force, Lilith in Cancer is strong, being teh moons natural sign. It is the dark moon gravity that affects the tides at sea, the water in our bodies, that entices the lone wolf to howl during a new moon longing for partnership.

More is happening than is readily seen, be prepard for things to change in some form or another.

14-09-2004, 14:50
What exactly is Lillith´s influence? You seem to mention this asteroid a lot and since I´m cancer your last reply caught my attention...

14-09-2004, 22:42
I already feel SO productive!!!!
Have been doing three weeks worth of work in 3 days!!!
My moon is in Virgo.. that boust is totally from heaven!!!
With all the info, now I feel even more confident!!!! :)

15-09-2004, 06:21
Since Astronomy conformity doesn't take Astrology convienience seriously, we have everything named in triplicate in the heavens. ASteroids, Quasars, and other 'astronomical/astrological points' have identical name.

well, the Lilith I'm referring to is available at www.astro.com for their free extended chart selections. The glyph is like venus except with a moon crecent instead of the standard circle.

Quick crash course http://www.astro.com/astrology/in_lilith_e.htm
and a google search for lilith dark moon

It seems to be the literal balancing force between the Earth and the Moon, the physical plane and the astral plane. Basically, the diagram on the lilith page from www.astro.com (second link above) defines the dark moon lilith as "empty focus."

Lillith of mythology was Adams first wife, and the queen of vampires (or other assorted demonic powers). Lilith is powerful, she empowers women, and places equality as a reality for the male gender. Lilith has been in Gemini, demanding that recognition, at least, of new ideas are placed into the forefront, for women. For men, they don't fare as well. The younger men will especially be facing problems finding employment, and even then making sure that equality for them is upheld.

Lilith in Cancer will bring forth emotional concerns, along with that will come family associations. Since cancer is ruled by the moon, the darkmoon will have an interesting affect on the lunar phases until Lilith leaves the sign of the crab, which will be April 30th, 2005. That means that the lunar phases (starting from the new moons)that the moons own dark-gravity point of empty-focus will be Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagitarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, and will make an opposition to a waning Aquarian Moon right before the Taurus phase.

The dark side of each of these full moons will be presented plainly and openly. It will take courage, perseverance, and focus to keep from stepping in a quagmire of attitudes fed by one's own dark side. What is desired will be pulled out of the voids that once enveloped, and pushing through the cardinal sign of Cancer, this paticular Lilith will only make waves that will change the face of the shore of life forever.

An aside, I try to locate the point of empty-foucs in the sky and then force any negativity I have into that point, as it is empty focus, it should act as a pipeline of clensing.

I would imagine that the Lilith Asteroid has similar meanings, perhaps a mother, maiden, crone triplicity defines these astrological bodies better that individualy.

20-09-2004, 16:25
I kind of see this influence- especially where my career is concerned. The last year has been spent looking for a career. This past couple of weeks has been full of almost-jobs, temporary jobs, Last-minute jobs, things that fall through. Now, i'm starting a new tutoring thing (still sketchy on details though) tomorrow. Could it be that things are finally (finally!) starting to look up?

isthmus nekoi
21-09-2004, 01:31
well, the good news is that Jupiter will be entering Libra Sept 22. The great benefic has been feeling rather constrained w/i attention-to-details Virgo as J is considered detriment in the sign. If you have any air signs esp in the earlier degrees, this change could potentially help things turn around as long as other factors support it.

As for career, I would look for a few things to glean understanding on your situation.

1) 2 planets - the ruler of your 6th and 10th house. Where are they placed? What sign are they in? Do they aspect each other? Is any slowly transiting planet aspecting them?

2) Transits to the 6th/10th house

3) Aspects from any transiting planets to any planets w/i the 6th/10th

You may also want to consider the 2nd house as well.

23-09-2004, 11:49
1) 2 planets - the ruler of your 6th and 10th house. Where are they placed? What sign are they in? Do they aspect each other? Is any slowly transiting planet aspecting them?

2) Transits to the 6th/10th house

3) Aspects from any transiting planets to any planets w/i the 6th/10th

You may also want to consider the 2nd house as well.

6th ruler is Aries-Venus
10th is Leo - True Node (what is this?)

Other than that, I couldn't tell you what else there is.

isthmus nekoi
24-09-2004, 05:12
Hi purplefishy,

As Aries cusps 6th, look to the Mars placement - is it well placed?

In terms of 10th, look to the sun's natal placement.

Over the next little while, a whole bunch of planets are going to transit your 12th house, opposing your Venus. You may feel a little uneasy w/the career thing for awhile yet - like crawling back into your shell. Fears and unconscious business will be especially highlighted if you have any planets in 12th.

As for the true node, that's another name for "north node" which simply put, represents your karmic calling. This site goes much more in depth: http://www.north-node.com/tutorial/points/nodes.html

24-09-2004, 15:55
thanks for the link!
I have my natal Mars in Virgo 10th house. I don't know if this is a good thing, but possibly not.

Looks like there is an opposition in the 10th house (Leo) with my Pisces sun in the 5th.

As for the 12th, the only planet I could find was Pluto in Libra. That was all.

Saggitarius is in Pluto for some time, which is Natally in my 2nd house.

Sun will be transiting my 12th (libra) as well as Jupiter, Mars (near end of month) and barely Mercury at the end of this month as well.

I see what you mean about crawling back in the shell.

isthmus nekoi
25-09-2004, 00:18
Hey, having your 6th house ruler in 10th, esp Mars in Virgo looks like good work ethic to me :) If I recall, you are a Scorpio rising, so the aspects Mars makes in particular are important.

Having Mars rule your 6th gives the routine/coworker thing a male flavour. Since it's opposing your sun and you're female, this might indicate a tension b/w you and the men at work. Also, the rulers of 6th and 10th (Mars and Sun) are opposing each other which creates conflict b/w your aspirations (10th) and the work environment (6th).

One last thing to note - Virgo/Pisces axis activated by the house rulers indicate health and healing in terms of career.