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12-09-2004, 14:25
I was attracted to seeing 'adventurine' perhaps as a small sphere, even though it's not translucent. Actually, anything with soft blues sound wonderful...although if it was turquoise, I'd prefer a polish or veining or marbling...

But my birth month (June) also suggests Alexandrite, which will go from a clearish green to a rose blend in certain lights...

Do people prefer clear or perhaps solid-colored spheres as soothing meditation enhancers...I realize this will be an individual preference and it's not a beautiful necessity. We have an art glass sphere that has gorgeous dark lapis-colored streaks and map-of-the-world streaking that is just beautiful to look at and heavy to hold for soothing, still 'quieting' effect.

But it would be nice to have something small and lovely light blue-greens around or the transluscent blush to green tint that alexandrite has...my question perhaps is on three different things:

1) Tranluscent, clear or solid spheres as a preference?

2) Properties of alexandrite vs adventurine?

3) Experiences? Ideas? Maybe there's a stone with soft and lovely colorings of blue, rosy-plum and turquoise green that I am missing? I used to have translucent and heated glass disks with such streaking, but they shattered--so I am interested in something more durable this time around.



12-09-2004, 15:05
This is the only thing I could find about Alexandrite.
It's power is for Luck and Love
When worn it draws luck and good fortune.
Also used in love spells.
Nothing on Adventurine.
But I only have two books on stones so I hope someone else can help.

I have 6 spheres.
Two crystal, one clear and one with a lovely wavy smoke look inside.
I like clear, as the play of candle light is so beautiful behind them.
Also different colored cloths create different moods and affects.
I have a rose quartz and a green florite sphere.
They are a mix of translucent and solid.
Both very calming to hold during meditation.
And two solid spheres.
One looks like there are leaf patterns in it, and one is beautiful grey and white stripes. Very Zen looking.
I am attracted to aquamarine and would love a sphere made out of it.
Also one day I would like an amethyst sphere.
As it is my birthstone.
I have seen many stones that are egg shaped but I prefer a round sphere shape.
It feels better in the hand, to play and roll around.

I always take a sphere with me when I do my readings on Sundays.
I change the look of my table every week so all my candles, spheres, cloths, and decks get a chance for a day out.
Often when a customer is nervous I tell them to hold the sphere and roll it around in there hand as they talk.
It always helps to put them at ease.
They are very soothing.

12-09-2004, 18:14
Natural Alexandrite is incredibly rare and expensive - if there ever was enough to make a sphere, it would probably be in a museum! Most of the gem quality Alexandrite available now is lab-created and I don't think they make it in large enough chunks for a sphere. Some of it is actually a variant of sapphire and has a colour change from violet to pink. I have seen spheres of Alexandrite-coloured glass, but I don't believe they alter in colour under different light sources, although some art glass vases described as 'alexandrite' do change from purple to pink in sunlight.
I have seen tri-colour cat's eye spheres in blue/deep red/green which were very pretty, but they're also man-made stones.
I always want to call it 'adventurine' too, but it's aventurine, which is probably why lark didn't find it in her books.


12-09-2004, 19:54
Cerulean, have you thought of (or looked at) azurite and malachite? (http://www.spherestoyou.com/Sshoppe/azurite.htm)

It's stunning! And has the colours you mentioned :) (The Earth in my world card is actually azurite and malachite)

12-09-2004, 20:42
Hi Ceru

As Lark says the powers of Alexandrite are luck and love. It is a rare and expensive stone and if you are really attracted to it maybe a piece of jewellery from someone who loves you would be special.

As a sphere I could not fine any. Mostly it seems to be made into jewellery.

I think you should go with what attracts you, as you said, and the best way to do this is to go to a crystal shop where you can have a good look around, something will call to you.

Amazonite spheres are lovely:


and Aquamarine (one of my favourites):


In fact there are so many to choose from which is why it is best to see them in the flesh so to speak.

For preferance I personally like clear stones, but I do have opaque ones too.