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isthmus nekoi
27-09-2004, 12:26
The tension between the Aries moon and Libra sun are heightened this lunation by a Mars-Jupiter-Sun stellium (you can include Mercury as well, in an out of sign conjunction at 29 Virgo). Mars is in an interesting place being buoyed up by jovial Jupiter yet placed uncomfortably in cooperative Libra. While the Aries moon calls for personal needs to be put first, the Libra stellium wants to focus on the Other.

Ultimately, it seems that appearances will stress the gracious and the appeasing, but underneath, with the Libra stellium depositing to Venus trining Pluto, all these acts of kindness have strings attached. It's not really a time of manipulation, but there is a focus upon the principals of reciprocation: you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours. In this sense, it is a generous time. Another positive signature of great interest is Jupiter's shift into Libra. Jupiter has finally left the constraints of detail oriented Virgo to enter the sign of graciousness, harmony, beauty and relationships, making people more willing to give the benefit of the doubt and lending a general feeling of optimism and luck towards love and the arts. Any attempts to take advantage of others or playing into power struggles will not go over well; airy Libra's concern over justice, as well as quick thinking Mercury sextiling Saturn will not look kindly upon such behaviour. Play nice.

27-09-2004, 13:14
Very interesting, it all seems to fit my life. One question though: Im a moon sign aries (9th house), how powerful is this lunation for me?
Since Im sun sign cancer Im a lunatic anyway...

isthmus nekoi
28-09-2004, 00:27
feticeira, as you are an Aries moon, Cancer sun, the Libra stellium opposes and squares you! Libra is all about partnerships and such like so you may find that now, instead of doing things your own way all the time, you may find you'll have to compromise a whole lot more.

28-09-2004, 00:34
Hi isthmus nekoi, can I ask....
I'm a libra sun and aries moon. Does this mean its a particularly significant time for me?

isthmus nekoi
28-09-2004, 00:51
ask away, Aoife, that's what I'm here for :)

This is potentially a very charged time for you - esp if your moon is close to the degree of the full moon (at 5 degrees Aries). However, as moon transits don't last very long - I see it as a short term weather forcast. For a deeper impact from transits, I would look to the slower moving planets.

There is of course, the lunar/solar eclipses which are considered to be very significant, but I haven't done much work in that area personally, and I can't say that those have had much of an effect on me.

28-09-2004, 01:05
well this libra is feeling hugely optimistic now that jupiter has entered libra, despite major stresses concerning my husband's job security.

mars seems to be lending a great deal of energy to me, but it does not seem to be of a combative nature at all. if anything, i feel more inclined to stand up for what is fair and right.

29-09-2004, 09:00
I'm having a Jupiter return, but everything is uncertain. It's making me sum up my own sense of confidence for the libran energies to balance everything out.

Essentially, I want to move on, but at a slower pace. Everything seems to be moving in a slow-motion clip of everything going at breakneck speed, and it's driving me nuts. But that may be the full moon that is aligning with this Jupiter transit, activating it right away and keeping the energy boyant.

29-09-2004, 15:44
My jupiter is opposing venus, which is in turn in the same sign as this full moon. So, I can assume it is also opposing this full moon. Sigh.

isthmus nekoi
01-10-2004, 01:11
purplefishy - hey any Venus-Jupiter contact is welcome in my books :)

01-10-2004, 14:25
Why is that? I thought most oppositions were...difficult.

isthmus nekoi
02-10-2004, 00:37
Jupiter and Venus are the lucky planets :) When in aspect, any aspect, it's like they're talking to each other. Jupiter squares and oppositions are gentle. Just watch out for the usual Jovial overindulgence or overconfidence!

03-10-2004, 00:38
just heard mention that five planets are aligning today with the points of a five-pointed star.

03-10-2004, 15:37
Its funny Isthmus nekoi, you were right except that all the compromising Ive had to do has been with myself.

isthmus nekoi
07-10-2004, 01:04

I remember hearing something like that myself. Quintiles are an aspect that aren't really well known. Even minor aspects like the quincunx are more frequently used, I've found.... So I wouldn't be sure how to interpret a grand quintile.

As for this lunation, Jupiter coming into Libra trined my ASC while Saturn sextiled my MC. Incredibly good atmosphere at work. I've been given way more responsibilities much faster than I'd anticipated, it's been great. btw, I work (Saturn) in print (Jupiter). However, since Jupiter will be squaring my sun soon, I'm going to try hard not to get overly optimistic ;)

07-10-2004, 02:48
Originally posted by zorya
just heard mention that five planets are aligning today with the points of a five-pointed star.

Hi..... I am fascinated by planetary 'dances', especially when they form pictures for us..... Below are some websites that discuss the TWO Grand Quintiles that occur this month.... one on Oct 1, when volcanoes erupted! ..... and the next on Oct 28:




Hope this helps. :)