View Full Version : Libra New Moon ~ Oct 15

isthmus nekoi
12-10-2004, 00:55
We have another emphasis on the sign new moon this lunation. A Librian Sun and moon form a loose conjunction with Mercury while Mars and Jupiter follow behind. This makes air energy dominant.

Libra appreciates beauty and harmony and is ruled by the pleasure planet, Venus. However, Libra's energy also calls for a balance which we will need as astrological signatures show two opposing themes.

Firstly, we have tight trine from Neptune to Mars and a very loose trine to Jupiter. Dreams and optimism will run high as passionate drives toward ideals come to the fore. Countering this charged energy is Saturn's squares to the Libra conjunction (Sun, Moon, Mercury). The tensions of reality, as well as the pressure of taking responsibilities for one's actions will be felt keenly. Finally, Venus has moved into her sign of detriment, Virgo. While air energy encourages the use of language (spoken language being particularly emphasized in this chart) there is the potential for arguments to devolve into nitpicking. Librian advice: if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.

15-10-2004, 08:56
This day was marked by cold breezy winds and the scattering of golden autum leaves across the river valley. The clouds took their forms and expanded their blessings across the sky, the Sun beat down regardless, but the fading light of dusk was extinguished earlier than usual with a solar eclipse over the pacific, well below the decendent horizion line of the west from the Eastern Wyoming foothill and river valley viewpoint.

The day reminded me of the coming winters, and of winters past. Many of recent have not been as moist as the agricultural community would prefer, but still the cold weather interfears with the modern lifestyle. I still hope for a strong winter to break this heatspell drought in the west, it has been too long without.