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13-10-2004, 01:16
Hi all,
This is my first post on a forum that's not a newbie forum!

I'm new to the Tarot, I'm awaiting my first deck to arrive in the mail.
I see many people use many different stones for their readings. What would you recommend for a beginner? I will probably start learning by reading for myself and a few friends. I don't really know much about crystals.

Thanks in advance!

13-10-2004, 02:33
any crystals to do with psychic ability, clarity, intuition and concentration would help you. i'm not sure of the exact stones as i am new to both tarot and crystals myself :)

good luck with your quest!

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this was posted not long ago.. it may help

13-10-2004, 08:22
You best bet is to find out which stones your comforatbale with, and have the greatest connection to. Start with stones that aid the mind in all forms, then you can narrow it down for there. Good luck


02-11-2004, 22:50
Another aid to attune yourself to "YOUR" stone would be your personal info....DoB/Zodiac Sign/Element

Make it more unique to you as a person....because you are unique. We all are. So if you go by a book and this book says...Tigerseye is good or MoonStone is good...then it's like reading a horoscope in the daily newspaper. Stones and Gems are just as unique as the people that work with them. Go into a Metaphysical store...they usually carry a large variety....take your time and look at each one....see which ones draw you in. It's often like which Tarot deck draws you in....and my opinion on books....there are tons out there with different properties for the same stone. It gets confusing. Just like anyother topic that's covered in the world of literature....

Go by who YOU are....work with that instead. If you are honing your intuition for the Tarot....this is a very good way to start.

Best of luck!