View Full Version : what do you think of the superstar course in natal astrology ?

13-10-2004, 03:37
it is 450 full payment,
150 in three differnt payments
and given its focus on natal astrolgy that is my path i want to study at this period

it is done by afa, the american federations of astrologers,


you go to the learn astrology link , and look at faqs, and course content,

i think i will save up for this one,,
for with the math course (no extra charge ) i can prepare for their astrology exam after some pratice after finishing the course,

looking at your more expert astrologers minderwiz, astrea , istmus, to see if i would be wasting my 450 ?

13-10-2004, 20:26
The course looks reasonably comprehensive, and the AFA are pretty well known, of course! I'm surprised at the "sample lessons", which just seem to be photocopies of old typed handouts from twenty years ago - I would have expected a body like this to have re-done the course in a computer-friendly format (PDF, say) with some nice colour diagrams too. Do they just e-mail you the relevant bits of the course as JPG files? If so, that seems a tad scrappy.

My other comment is that it seems odd to wait until lesson eleven before you start to delineate a chart. I know this is the "traditional" approach, where you learn about the planets, learn about the signs, learn about the houses, learn about the aspects, and then put it all together - but I've found in practice that students want to be able to get their hands dirty a bit earlier than that, and that wading through and trying to memorise long lists of items gets very boring. I've find a more profitable approach is to develop a feeling for the planets and signs and then let the students try to interpret a chart early on - just by getting a feel for what Mars in Pisces might be like, for instance. Then add extra colour to this by incorporating the houses, and introduce some techniques for combining planets, signs and houses - and finally add aspects. The problem with the approach of learning everything then putting it together is that beginners do get overwhelmed with apparent contradictions: "well, he's got Mars in early Pisces but in the 5th house, and that's squaring Venus is late Scorpio in the 2nd house - but Pisces and the 5th are so different, and so are Scorpio and the 2nd..." and I've come across many students who even after two years have a good grasp of the meanings, but can't "integrate" a chart.

So I would say if you do this course, don't be afraid to take a peek at charts before the official course says you're allowed to! Try putting things into practice right away, as this will make it much more interesting.

It's also vitally important on a distance learning course to have regular contact (say via e-mail) with your tutor, and it's useful to be able to share ideas with other students. Check with them to make sure you do have a hotline to your tutor, and see if they have an online students' forum, too. Many people fall by the wayside doing distance learning, because you just don't have the incentive that you do with going to a class once a month or once a fortnight - so anything that can help keep up that motivation is good.

18-11-2004, 01:13
i'm taking this course... haven't been making much progress in it lately due to child rearing, but if you decide to take it, i'd be happy to chit-chat about lessons.. i'm on lesson 8 currently :)

i have found that the writer of the course phrases everything well, just a dash of lamens terms.. a pinch of humor.. add nicely to the lessons.