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17-10-2004, 19:28
Hi all,

On my last day in Boston, I went into a Crystal shop and bought a "Silica Carborundum" stone (?) - something quite light, but glittering in all colours of the rainbow. I just bought it for its beauty, I don't know if it has any qualities or not, but I put it on my "altar".

Anyway, this thing won't stay put!

I had to move it back to its initial place already a few times, and lately I caught it hanging already half over the edge of the altar, ready to fall off.

I moved it back to its place just yesterday, but as I can see now, it has already made some of the way back to the edge.

Weird, huh?

I'd appreciate any of your thoughts on this...

Thanks in advance

17-10-2004, 19:44
I am attaching a picture of the stone. The picture does not give it full justice, but it was the best I could get! :)


17-10-2004, 19:51
Hi there Simone,

I have a large one of these, I have never noticed it moving but it is quite big and I have it on a little stand. I'll do a little experiment and put it where I can see it. Let you know if it moves ;)

17-10-2004, 22:42
Could it be magnetic? Do you have any metal nearby?

17-10-2004, 23:11
Good thinking, OakDragon. In fact, it is lying near my singing bowl.

However, as far as I can gather, the name of this stone does not indicate any "ingredients" that make it magnetic. I would even think it is not far, in the chemical composition, from petrified wood, or so.

What's more, it would have to be "anti-magnetic" or have an antipathy to the singing bowl, because it is moving away from it...

This morning I wrote that it is quite light, but when I took it to take the picture, I realised that it weighs a bit more than I thought, I would say it is a bit too heavy for magnetic attraction or repulsion, there would have to be considerable forces at work!

Thanks anyway for the idea!


17-10-2004, 23:13
Hmm, that's really weird. Maybe the "singing" is keeping it up at night? :D

You might, just for kicks, try touching it to the singing bowl... see if you feel them repelling each other... they could have the same electrical charge... that would be really strange, though, if it's heavy.

Do you have a cat that could have climbed up there and played with it?

17-10-2004, 23:18
Originally posted by OakDragon
You might, just for kicks, try touching it to the singing bowl... see if you feel them repelling each other...

LOL, no, the bowl sleeps at night too :D

But seriously, after your post, I did try if they were repelling each other, and I felt nothing. So I really don't have any explanation... not a logical one, anyway.

I do have a faery living in the windchime hanging over the altar, maybe she is responsible? ;)

17-10-2004, 23:54
Simone, lay it somewhere else and see if it does the moving thing...

22-10-2004, 07:29
wow, that's fascinating! I don't think I've ever had any of my stones move, although I think I'd be mightily pleased if they did :)

22-10-2004, 10:16
If there's a sloping edge or a heavier end, perhaps it's sliding...if there's more moisture in the morning, perhaps it's expanding and contracting with heat, light? Or sensitive to vibrations on the street and prone to 'slide' toward the heavier edge...



22-10-2004, 11:12
Do you have a video camera or something that can watch it?

Sounds tres cool, maybe it contains Element 151!

24-10-2004, 16:28

A friend gave me a lapis lazuli when I was coming to visit Australia and hadn't been here for years.

I arrived, slept, got up and sat on the back porch of my sisters house watching a terrific thunder storm that went on for quite some time with amazing rain (it hadn't rained for quite awhile).

When I left the porch I went back to bed.

The next day I couldn't find the lapis in my pocket, I was very sad.

About an hour later my brother-in-law found it way down the back of the yard in the vegie patch that I hadn't been anywhere near.

My brother-in-law was like, "I always knew you were a witch!" (In joke between us, I wore a lot of black as a teenager!)

He started to question it all....but why, but how etc. I just laughed and said some things don't always need an answer and I am sure if we thought hard enough we could find a 'logical' explanation ;)

I am not saying you shouldn't have an answer, I just thought you may like my story of similar experience!

29-11-2004, 02:24
TA ( I have just seen this) ... That is what I call a wooda wooda story. I have had crystals disappear from their homes and then reappear in strange places. (not out in the back forty however) I usually chalk that up to a practical joking ghosty or some such entity.

I have never witnessed them moving on their own before. Perhaps it was energy from the rain storm in your case, or maybe your sister has an invisiable guest as well that played a trick on you.

Simone is yours still moving on the ledge?

29-11-2004, 03:46
It has been confined and restricted in its movements :) I put a bigger crystal in the way, it moved up against it but cannot go further (now wouldn't it be weird if it pushed that one over the edge too?) ;)


02-12-2004, 04:05
Here's a wacky thought: Could this be something similar to the Mexican jumping bean phenomenon? i.e., could there be something living in it that causes it to move? I have no idea what said being could be, but, well.... oh well. I did say it was a wacky thought, didn't I? :P

02-12-2004, 04:15
Could it be trying to go back to Boston?

02-12-2004, 04:25
Naughty thought:

How much do you think you could get on eBay for the mysterious moving/haunted stone ?

02-12-2004, 04:32
could there be something living it it that causes it to move?

Jeez, an alien?!

Simone scuttles off, takes the stone, shakes it.

No rattling. Hmmm. does this mean it is not hollow?

She holds it to her ear, listening breathlessly for murmurs... silence.

Could it be... ... erm... posessed?!

Simone looks around, no crucifx or other catholic device in her house that could be used - garlic! That's it...

But ummm... YES! thers is still some garlic!

Simone peels some, puts it on the stone...

...weird! No hissy fits from inside, the stone does not explode, not even break apart in a mad attempt of flight from the smell, not even crackle! Except...

sniff... sniff... aaargh! The stone now smells of garlic!

Hmmmmm, what on earth could it be that wants to get back to Boston sooo badly? Could it in the end be me? Telekinetic forces wanting it to break so I have an excuse to go back and buy another one ;)

02-12-2004, 04:45
maybe it just wanted a little attention ;)

04-12-2004, 06:11
Hi Simone, I have lots of stones and crystals and they do move - I do not question it any more, just accept the fact :)

in your case I would let it move and see what happens, maybe direction will give you the answer