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21-10-2004, 01:41
Blood Moon (http://science.nasa.gov/headlines/y2004/13oct_lunareclipse.htm?list1104635)
In October we move into two more rare planetary configurations, known as the “Grand Quintiles”, happening one right after another – October 1st and then October 28th with the final one being a little more powerful because it coincides with a total lunar eclipse. The planets will form a pattern in the sky resembling a 5-point star – a pentagram shape. There may not be another like in 2,500 years."

Don't miss out on this. Sorry Aussies, apparently you are the only continent that will be unable to view it. The energies will be there for you, but not the visibility.

Happy Grand Quintiles everybody!!!

21-10-2004, 02:34
Happy Grand Quintiles to you too.. I was just reading the other day about the luner eclipse.. and I can hardly wait!!

I love the hunters moon.. it is so cool and sppoky looking.. just perfect for Halloween.

21-10-2004, 03:06
Fabulous info!! Thanks so much for sharing :)

Me and the goblins will definately want to see a Blood Moon...mwuahahaha.

21-10-2004, 03:18
Let's hope there will not be too many clouds.

21-10-2004, 05:30
I'm thinking I should have put this in Astrology...but it is really astronomy...the Mod will know...

21-10-2004, 05:47
yeah- I'm gonna move it to astrology.
but there is a thread about tarot and astrology that get's into this. check it out (

21-10-2004, 12:13
Venus will also enter Libra on the 28th, thats an exalted addition. Taurus will benefit, Libra will start a new phase. of lifestyle choices.

22-10-2004, 10:04
COOL! I will definitely look out for that one!

Paradox, when you say that as a reuslt of Venus moving into Libra that Libra will start a new phase of lifestyle choice, does this mean that *Librans* will be affected? What about those like me with strong Libra rising???? Or does this have nothing to do with Librans per se but the effect of Venus' placement????

Have I made my self clear? I'm having a lot of trouble with that lately....

22-10-2004, 15:20
It's all of the above.

Venus will be exaltedin Libra, resulting in expectation an ultra-fine taste of preferences from yourself and from others for just about everything: art to dinner to the movie to the zoo. Don;t worry, you're worht at least one expinsive dinner.

Libra is supercharged, all placements of venus, natal and current, will not be void of course, this is the time to activily rebalance for a better phase of life. It is also a time of release from old pains.

24-10-2004, 16:43
Originally posted by elf
Sorry Aussies, apparently you are the only continent that will be unable to view it. The energies will be there for you, but not the visibility.

I guess that's what happens when you are upside down, LOL!

But seriously I didn't know about this until now, thanks elf, look forward to hearing poeples stories of their viewings :D

24-10-2004, 17:41
I've taken to giving each New Moon an original name,
something appropriately relevant to my life at the time.
For the Moon beginning last October 13th I chose:
Argine is an anagram of Regina: The Queen of Bâtons.
Each Moon now has its own name, as the spirit moves.

Here's a really great site any time,
but especially now (soon):
Total Lunar Eclipse: October 27-28, 2004 (http://sunearth.gsfc.nasa.gov/eclipse/LEmono/TLE2004Oct28/TLE2004Oct28.html)

25-10-2004, 00:00
Thanks fulgour, love the site.
You always have such great stuff to share!

isthmus nekoi
25-10-2004, 09:06
Giving each moon a personal name sounds like a great idea :)

Here's a website that gives moon names for different cultures:

25-10-2004, 17:29
Thanks for sharing that web site, Fulgar. We've got something coming in that looks like a hurricaine on the satellite photos and will hit us hard Thursday, Japan's left over typhoon. So atleast we can watch the eclipse via internet. Darn, darn darn!

It's turning into a really good week and it's only Sunday. Most of those emotional yo-yo influences of the past month or so seem to have mellowed right out, come to some sort of balance for myself and others I've been talking to. The old man is coming home from three weeks of fishing Tues night and still be around for Venus entering Libra. ;D I'd still be excited about what is going to happen through the rest of the week, even if he wasn't coming home. Just to see what happens here and in the news.
It seems like all the readingsthat I've looked at or have done for myself or my freinds are totally centered on or around the full moon and this grand planetary pentagram. It's like events are speeding up the closer it gets. All sort of surprises and unexpected situations or events, some good, some not so good, but nothing anyone would call same-old-same. I know one thing, I'm avoiding any and all confrontations. People seem to still be on the bit prickly side, lots of frustrations and heavy decisions to make, things not working, glitches, breakdowns of all sorts. It's too strange, but fascinating as well.

Oh wow, I just remembered the twins birthday is the 28th and their Venus is in Scorpio, so this ought to be real interesting as well. Will they get along better, be more balanced or be tipping the scales and fighting over the same piece of cake? They are opposites, a boy and a girl, and awesome. Turning 9, ooh, could be pretty tricky, but they are water signs, so I'll bet on a 9 Cups night. The twins and I have Libra rising which should help a lot I hope. My natal Venus is in my 10th house and sextile with my ascendant, so maybe that will be even better. Their Venus is trine Saturn also, so I wonder how this will affect their relationships with others? Saturn opposition Uranus, could be difficult. Or am I way out in left field again?

26-10-2004, 06:08
Hi astrology buffs,
I'm a virtual ignoramus when it comes to astrology. Don't know much....I'm a Gemini, I know that!

Anyway my sister just had a baby, 1 week ago today. How will this moon influence the baby? It must hold some kind of portent for her won't it? She was born around 6:30 in the am or so, don't have the exact time....

Thanks for any info you all can share. :)

27-10-2004, 18:05
Originally posted by elf
She was born around 6:30 in the am or so, don't have the exact time.... Libra with Scorpio rising, and look out, Mercury
in Scorpio too. Her Moon is 2nd house Sagittarius,
most surely a sign of many generous enthusiasms. :)

27-10-2004, 19:30
WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 27. Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 6 Taurus occurs at 11:07 p.m. EDT. This eclipse is visible over much of the world, including North America. It is a total eclipse, lasting about 6 hours, and we in the U.S. get to see it in its entirety.
from http://daykeeperjournal.com/calendar.shtml
We gai-n an hour on the 31st, how appropriate for the night of the eternal souls is to be extended.

27-10-2004, 19:52
As I understand, for us on the European continent the eclipse starts at 2.15 of the very early morning of October 28th.
I will try to get some sleep first. I have never seen a red moon before, so I don't want to miss it. Will keep a thermos of hot coffee ready I think...

27-10-2004, 21:32
A local Wiccan and tarot reader is having an event at his home tonight to allow people to come together and view the lunar eclipse. I believe there will be some dancing...perhaps a fire. I was planning to attend, however I may just stay home, build a fire and watch it with my hubby.

28-10-2004, 13:23
Myself, my fiancee and my son just went out to see it- it's almost completely dark red, not totally eclipsed yet. It's beautiful...

28-10-2004, 13:30
Too bad it wasn't last night, when the skies were clear, as luck would have it fog and clouds moved in at 4:30 pm and by the time it was time for things to happen, there was zip for visibility, but luckily from Oslo, via web cam we are watching it. COOL!

28-10-2004, 14:17
Originally posted by WalesWoman
Too bad it wasn't last night, when the skies were clear, as luck would have it fog and clouds moved in at 4:30 pm and by the time it was time for things to happen, there was zip for visibility, but luckily from Oslo, via web cam we are watching it. COOL!

It was cloudy where I am too and only got a slight peek at the redness and none of the eclipse but your link was great thanks so much for posting it!!!!


28-10-2004, 14:37
We were flying back home.

Two hours ago, we were awaiting take off and I saw the streaks of the evening sunset on one side of the plane.

An hour ago, we faced under the wing a bank of clouds obscuring the city lights, flying into the airport, my brother and I.

Boston Red Sox, bottom of the sixth, said the flight announcer. Look to the right wing, there's a part of the lunar eclipse.

I looked and saw the half moonshadow, it was dark and dim gray and light-rimmed at the edge.

It was a fitting ghostly, unusual end to a day filled with family and neighborhood faces...if I were to dub the unrealness of today, the day and night of the Blood Moon is not about strangeness. Its about the reflection of those of my own blood and birth and my life choices up to now. We said our last goodbye to a mother of six, grandmother of 20 and great-grandmother to 13...a gentle matriach, laid to rest under a blood moon.

Best wishes,


28-10-2004, 16:53
Well I did not see a thing :( Too many clouds and it was also raining heavily. The sky was a weird colour though, not really dark. I was really disappointed, as the night before was very clear, almost like those frost nights...lots of stars...oh well.

28-10-2004, 22:34
The heavens were clear until the last, returning portion when
rolling clouds alternately obscured and revealed the renewal.
It lasted almost four hours, and we were chilled but delirious.
Just this morning we went out ~ and there full She was, still...
Jupiter and Venus to the East, Saturn overhead, and over the
Western horizon, as if nothing had even happened, the Moon.
It's light now, and all foggy. March 03, 2007 will be our next.

29-10-2004, 00:37
What a specatular time for me. I've never watched a lunar eclipse before. It started about 9:15 am in CT, full eclipse took about an hour and the rest was under cloud cover. i sahred it w/my cousin in ny it was really cool to hear her developmentally challenged son in excitement watching it!

I slept really well after that. I was hoping to share it w/my friend but he can't sit still for more than 5 minutes so i just let him go. i was bundled up in a ski jacket, gloves and blanket! all in all it was a good experience for me...i'm a triple cancer! so mother was comforting me last night..i'll be ok and love will find itself in my heart again.


29-10-2004, 01:29
Almost the entire cast of the Rocky Horror show went out back, not just the smokers, during the break in rehearsals to go see the moon. What a sight it was.....

29-10-2004, 04:38
I watched it in the parking lot, in my car with the cd playing :D

It was beautiful!!

29-10-2004, 07:05
I was here making the scarecrow candy necklaces for tomorrow's kindergarten party.

Could not sleep. Kept hearing voices on the wind, voices in the hum of the air filter, voices saying things to me....as I tried to drift into sleep. Very hard getting to sleep, once there, I was unrousable!

Blessings to you and yours....

29-10-2004, 08:25
Here in Ottawa, it was a crisp, clear night, so I was able to see it through all it's stages, from the actual eclipse/shadow of the earth across the moon to the foggy looking orangey-red haze over it.

It was really lovely to see and from reading others who couldn't see it because of cloud cover, I count myself lucky indeed.

I also read in my "Moon Magic" book that any lunar eclipse is especially potent, so I waited until the height of the orange haze and wrote out a "wish" spell, which I burned with the appropriate herbs in the safety of the BBQ (Dorothy Morrison would be so proud!).