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25-10-2004, 21:42
Is there an Australian online store that you can buy cards from? I ask this as Amazon ect are US based and I don't know how much it will end up costing as I can't find a currency converter to AUS $ Thanks

26-10-2004, 04:43
Hi Tarotlova,
Here's a good currancy converter:

26-10-2004, 09:54
Yahoo has one too, which is kept updated.


Rusty Neon
26-10-2004, 10:04
Bank of Canada has a snazzy currency converter. It doesn't require either of the two reference currencies to be the Canadian dollar.


26-10-2004, 20:27
Most of the major Australian banks have one too. I just found westpacs without any hassle, I didn't go looking for the others, but I know they have them.

27-10-2004, 12:06
Thanks for all you replys! I have just found a great Online bookshop in Australia called The Haunted Bookshop www.haunted.com.au/contents.html 15 McKillop St Melbourne Australia PH- 03-9670-2585 they have a great range of Tarot Cards and books take a peek!

27-10-2004, 15:38
Whoo! A bit on the high side. With Australian dollars at $45 that means a Robin Wood would be $33 in American dollars for just the deck. Here it's only $20. Check around a bit more on prices, unless this place has free shipping to compensate.

27-10-2004, 17:33
They do have a good range, but they're very expensive!

Compare their prices to amazon.com, for instance, and you'll probably find that works out cheaper!

I've done the same before, which is sad, that we can buy from the US for less than we can buy in Australia.