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08-11-2004, 02:45
This really isn't anything critical, but knowing that sometimes a small thing in one part of a program can end up affecting another part, I thought I'd best point it out.
Since the upgrade I had the following two things happen:
1) I had to log in several times, in spite of checking the box to remember the log in - once was when I went to the intitial forum page, once was when I went to view a post directly from my email alert and once was when I went to view my PM list - it was as if the board needed me to log in to each of those areas.
2) The time of the last visit is somehow linked (I think) only to the time one last accessed the main part of the forum. I was reading and replying to posts, again, by linking directly from the email sent as notification. I left the board and then came back using the link to the main forum in my favorites and even though I had just been here it said my last visit was 12 hours ago - which, I believe would be about the last time I had visited the board via my link to the main forum.


08-11-2004, 04:06
1) I only had to log in the first time I used the "new" forum. After that I was automatically logged in again. Maybe it has something to do with your cookies settings.
2) I've never had the time of my last visit registered as it really was at AT, LOL. I have never tried to find out why this was because it did not matter to me :)
But you are probably right, it has to do with logging in through email.

08-11-2004, 04:39
This happened to me last time the forums were down. Solandia had to send me new log-in information, and then, it took awhile for the sign-in to become automatic. Don't still know why. This time, it worked right away.

Poor elf ...it looked like she was online, but she wasn't...

These are "process" glitches that Solandia is furiously working on, I am sure. If it continues...a quick e-mail and she can usually address it...