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10-11-2004, 13:40
I have a new necklace made with a stone from the angel realm.

It is green, light green, with shimmery spots on it...

I think it is celes...something.

What can you tell me about this stone, gem?


11-11-2004, 06:30
hmmm, i think you mean celestite.
generally sky blue coloured (so i might be mistaken in thinking that this is what you have)

it relates to creativity and communication (like aquamarine and sodalite) it is peaceful and helps calm anger and tension. Balances energies, enhances dreams and is good for sleep disorders. I often use it on the throat and third eye chakras.

Name comes from the latin Caelestis meaning heavenly, so it is said to help spiritual communications.

hope i've helped


11-11-2004, 13:34
celestite or celestine, sometimes known as 'angel's stone': I have a a cluster, so beautiful. Great to use in Tarot readings, helps with communication and the flow of. It's blue though not green, so perhaps you have something different elf?
It resembles quartz...shape etc.

11-11-2004, 22:38
Hi there TA and Lady,
Thanks for the replies.
The store I bought it at is where I read on Tues. evenings.
This is a flat stone, about a quarter inch thick that looks like it was cut from a crystal cluster.
It is bluish-green, almost silvery blue. As I look at it is more blue than green, very much so.
The shopkeeper, not the owner, but a knowledgable person, who said it is from the Angel Realm, and was this celestite.
My piece is wrapped in silver wire and is triangular.

I really appreciate this info, and the confirmation on the name. Now that I have the name I can look into it more and work with it.

Funny, because I thought it would make a nice reading necklace. I'm putting together an outfit to wear for when I read that is all about triggers, getting myself ready to read, and in the zone. Something that is special, not the everyday clothes I wear, but not a gypsy costume either.

Knowing that this crystal will help with the flow of communication is very good!

I'm waiting for her to deliver a lovely quartz crystal I had that was a good size with smaller crystals at the base. I asked her to wrap it point up, because crystals always point down, but to me the energy should spiral up, shouldn't it???

22-11-2004, 15:35
elf what a great idea to wear your stone as a necklace!

*TA drools*

22-11-2004, 22:18
Thanks TA!

The woman who wraps the stones with wires stopped by but didn't have my quartz point, she forgot it. She did wrap it point down. She did say she is jealous of this quartz necklace. Said it came out really nice.
Looking forward to it.

The celestine piece is very pretty. I really like it. But it is a little busier with the wire than I would have chosen. Must be a reason for it...

23-11-2004, 02:55
I have celestite cluster and mine is blue, I am not aware of it coming in a green color.

Previous thread (http://www.tarotforum.net/showthread.php?t=25603&highlight=celestite) with photo attatched and links.

23-11-2004, 06:12
Hi all,
Yes I definitely have a slice of a piece of Celestite.
and it is blue, just that it looks a little green probably due the slice, grade etc.
I love it!!!
The compressed form of celestite is angelite, a blue rounded stone, that I have picked up as well. It stays in my pocket when I'm reading and the celestite necklace I wear around my neck. I'm hoping for a scanner and will show you these pieces, they are really great. A young woman wraps stones and crystal with wire and she does a magnificent job. She even wraps clusters to wear around your neck for special circumstances....cool.

29-11-2004, 00:15
elf how very cool that you have a necklace in celestite. I have just a cluster, and find it fairly fragile. I had a small piece break off of it which I saved and gave to Chronata when I saw her ;)

It is kind of expensive and I was lucky enough to find a place near my home that sells it for a decent price. No jewlery tho :(