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isthmus nekoi
12-11-2004, 03:30
It's a very water heavy lunation lacking in earth (unless you count the asteroid Chiron) with the Scorpio new moon this month. Emotions are running high and people are a more sensitive or receptive than usual making snappiness and gut reactions more frequent. The sun-moon conjunction in Scorpio, along with traditional ruler Mars in the sign, also makes for a very fixed, tunnel vision like perspective. With Mercury in the sign of his detriment, sextiling Jupiter and Neptune, the tendency towards sweeping generalizations to outright deception is written in the skies. Scorpio likes to dig past illusions, but with a loose square to Neptune, getting down into the nitty gritty, the cold hard facts, won't be an easy task. A tight, out of sign square from Mars to Saturn doesn't help things. Because Mars is dignified in Scorpio, and Cancer in detriment, Saturnian restraint is hampered and struggling. Factor in Mars' trine to Uranus and you can add sudden changes and outbursts into an already volatile mix.

Overall, it's a very receptive time and it may be difficult to ground all that energy. Whatever feelings you may have now, they may be intense, but accept them and they shall pass. A healthy dose of forgiveness - tough call for Scorpios - would go a long way this lunation towards making the ride a little easier.

12-11-2004, 11:38
I find that every time there's a new moon, I spend the day cleaning. Hmm.
As a Scorpio rising, i'm finding this full moon slightly odd. Full of energy one minute, totally lethargic the next.

12-11-2004, 12:32
I have a Scorpio rising, too. I've been TOTALLY without energy for the last 2 days (including today) and its darned lethargic. And then, at night, I can't sleep.

Wonder how much of that has to do with the new moon?

On the other hand, I have been able to understand how I relate more to others on a VERY in-depth level, due to some seriously deep conversations I've been having the last 2 days...so you win some, you lose some!

Wonder how this new moon affect someone with a Scorpio in Venus? That's not me..my friend...just wondering outloud, though...

P.S. This is my **33rd** post...woohoo!! See this thread for explanation:

12-11-2004, 16:57
Seriously, I know what you mean. Only, I feel that maybe I read too much into different emotions i'm having, ALL THE TIME. One minute I'm liking someone, the next i'm resenting them, the next moment I think it's all my fault. Repeat Repeat Repeat. Gah. It gets to be tiring. I have had one or two particularly deep convos the past few days. It's interesting- things I never thought i'd tell suddenly come right out. I don't have Scorpio in Venus (mine's in Aries) but I can only imagine.