View Full Version : chat room link broken?

20-11-2004, 13:15
i went to the chatroom link,, the other night it worked just fine,,
today twice it locked up that explorer page and everytime i try to click on something on that page it just goes beep .

21-11-2004, 00:48
Hmm. I can get to the page okay, but when I try to connect it says "Unable to connect to server." or something like that. My ability to connect seems to come and go for some reason I haven't been able to discern yet.

21-11-2004, 17:24
i put the link from the chatroom in my favourites and was using that to link to it,,
however the first time i went there i just used yes out of the yes, no, alwasy
trust this icon in order to get the chat to work.

so the next time I went there, there was no pop up and so it locked up.

i went there from the link on aeclectic chatroom blues and got in just fine and this time I choose always. for ease of chatroom access eheh