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Little Baron
21-11-2004, 06:44
This could be a problem with my laptop, but was just wondering if anybody else was experiencing pop-ups while being on Aeclectic. They seem to 'pop up' on every other click - the usual 'you are a winner and have won a fortune' kind of thing.

Is it just me???


Little Baron
21-11-2004, 06:53
Just clicked a box to stop them so hopefully, they will pop 'off' from now on.


21-11-2004, 09:14
I've never had that problem (yet), but then I use a Mac :D

Have you read through the sticky thread?


it may help...

21-11-2004, 10:08
I'm far more experienced with Macs than PC's also, but with the PC I have at work, it seems to be far more of a problem if I use Internet Explorer than Netscape, whether I have something that's supposed to block pop-ups or not. Also, there are some types of programs (adware) that can install themselves on your computer and play pop up ads by themselves (usually they're disguised as some sort of "legitimate" shareware).

21-11-2004, 10:11
I downloaded and installed a free program called Spybot. Just Google it. It will scrub those annoying pop-ups off your computer.
It has nothing to do with Aeclectic, they are set up to appear nearly every time you change a page.