View Full Version : No capacity to save PM's

24-11-2004, 15:12
I am currently on my computer at work. The Save PMs function is not visible at all yet it is on my home computer. It means essentially that any PM I may send whilst at work cannot be saved.

Is there any reason for this? At work I have the Forum skin on plain. We use Office 2000 and XP Professional. At home I use Office 2000 and XP Home edition. The Aeclectic skin I use at home is purple. I don't see that these would make any difference but wondered what the possible explanation is. It seems as though the function has completely disappeared.

Would appreciate your advice

24-11-2004, 20:28
I have just checked my home PC and there is an options box there which does not appear on my work PC. Is it possible that I have not configured the set-up correctly, though I cannot see where to that anywhere here?

Thank you.


25-11-2004, 14:29
I found the answer! THere was a little arrow symbol to the right and when I clicked on that the options box became available.

I could hardly see the arrow because I'm using the plain skin and it doesn't show that clearly. Now eveything is OK.