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30-11-2004, 08:11
Programmes will perhaps vary, but mine indicates that the
Lunar Nodes have now moved into their new Zodiac Signs.

South Node in Libra (was Scorpio)
North Node in Aries (was Taurus)

Perhaps we could discuss what significations this may portend,
as well as the phenomenon of their 'backwards' movement...?


"The lunar nodes are the two points where the Moon's orbit around
the Earth crosses the Earth's orbit around the Sun. The Earth's path
around the Sun, also called the ecliptic, lines up with the circular band
of constellations that make up the zodiac. The Moon's orbit is tilted
at an angle to the Earth's orbit. Their orbits are always subtly shifting,
which causes the nodal points to move backward through a sign
of the zodiac every 19 months." from Owlsdottir



The Dragon of the Lunar Nodes and the Eclipse Points,
from Kircher's Ars Magna Lucis et Umbrae:


isthmus nekoi
30-11-2004, 10:53
Interesting question, Fulgour - I would be interested to hear replies b/c I've never read about the nodes in mundane astro.

Also, it seems like Libra's been getting hit w/a strong dose of planetary energies. I'd say Librians have been busybusy lately.

30-11-2004, 12:57
My comments are based on both personal experience and written sources. It should be noted that the nodes, as points within the zodiac reference circle, are not strongly regarded by well-known authors over the last century or by most most practicing astrologers in their magazine writings of recent times.

We can consider the nodes in terms of mundane/political charts and processes and in terms of personal charts. We can also consider the nodes either as retrograding points against the zodiac or as markers for eclipses -- either solar or lunar.

In terms of mundane/political charts and happenings, the nodes as eclipse points seem to have a more dramatic recognition than do the nodes without being associated with an eclipse. An often-cited eclipse example is that of the solar eclipse of August 1, in the year 567, that passed across Indonesia, Indo-China, India, the Arabian penninsula and the city of Medina, and nothern Africa just south of the Meditranian Sea. This path marks all of the countries that now practice the Muslim faith. There have been many other examples of eclipse-paths denoting battles and invasion routes, etc.

In terms of "just the nodal axis" without an accompanying eclipse, the individual mundance charts are more vague in terms of their meaning. If we look at the infamous "9-11" chart for New York, we find the North Node at 3 Cancer, Moon at 28 Gemini approach the nodal axis, Jupiter at 11 Cancer and the MC angle at 18 Cancer -- all opposed Mars at 1 Capricorn! If we look at the Node in Cancer as meaning "maintaining contact with one's parents and one's country/culture", and adding Mars and Moon to this mix we can come up with (using Ebertin's mid-point meanings for Moon/Mars = Node in terms of probable manifestations) " enterpriese which have been started with vigour, the tendency to become involved in quarrels, the demonstration of intolerance . . ." We can say that this seems appropriate to the event.

When we look at the Nodal axis in individual charts, we can again come up with meanings that may strike us as significant, mildly interesting, or vague depending upon our views and experience. My own experience suggests that Nodes in Astrology are like specific tarot cards in specific spreads -- if you are tuned into them, you see them and if you do not consider them as being significant than you don't see them as meaningful.

That said, in my own chart I have the North Node at my DSC angle, meaning that my South Node is conjunct my Ascending point. This, using conventional astrological meanings, says that my major life's lessons will come from interacting with others and assimilating their approach to life into my own (sensitivity to the people I associate with), and that my personality and achievements will come easily as they will build on skills acquired in an earlier life. Put together, this suggests that I will be Gemini-like in having a number of varied interests and that the attribute of patience will help me to slow down to the pace of normal people around me and not be a recluse. If that is so, then I have recognized those lessons but have not necessarily taken the time to suffer the turkeys in my circle and have gravitated more to those of a like mind. Ha. Well, try again in the next life.

So, this is my brief comment for what it's worth. Hope it adds to the discussion. Dave.

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