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10-12-2004, 01:02
Too many choices.. I went to renew my subcription, and there are two buttons to chose from. (recurring) and (once only) . Excatly what does "recurring" mean? I looked for an explanation but came up empty? Does this mean if I click that I will be automaticly debited or that I will just receive notification, or that I am renewing? And if I click on once only..does that mean I will not get a noticiation when the year is up? :confused::confused::confused:

10-12-2004, 01:36
Hi Majecot. "Recurring" means that the subscription will renew automatically on that date every year, without any further action on your part. If you click "once only," your subscription will run for one year from the date of renewal, and you will receive a reminder notice several days before your subscription is up.

10-12-2004, 01:56
:D Thanks Astraea, I thought perhaps that might be it, but I was having a tard moment ;)

10-12-2004, 03:49
Hello Majecot ~

Where are these buttons? My subsciption is also about due for renewal.

Thanks ~

10-12-2004, 07:17
It's Support Us at the menu at the top of the website. ;)

11-12-2004, 03:04
Moongold I clicked on the link in the email and it brought me to the renewal page.

11-12-2004, 23:35
Reminder emails are usually sent two weeks before the subscription is due to expire. If the email didn't reach you, or you'd like to renew early, you can do so here (http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/forum/renew_payment.shtml).

~ Solandia

20-12-2004, 18:04
Just thought I'd mention... my automatic renewal notice came through a while ago (it's what kind of prompted me to come hang around here for a while again... :D ). I'm extremely happy to have this option... it's just so easy! Thanks Solandia!

21-12-2004, 02:17
Me too Trogan (Welcome Back - BTW) I cannot hardly remember yesterday with out a pop up note...lol