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14-12-2004, 06:01
I feel a bit ***funny*** posting this, but then again, why not...

I have been advised latly, that I should do an insurance plan. It's not exactly a retirement thing, but in case anything happens before... (touch wood!)
In a way, I don't feel like it. Maybe I'm too optomistic with my sun/Jupiter conjunction? Is it that I'm lounging on the "denial of death"?

My question is like this: can one make or not make any decision regarding insurance, based on astrology?
Can something be seen in the chart? Like, a fairly clean bill of health, could indicate that you don't need insurance?
maybe a planet position would indicate, that without insurance you just don't sleep tight at night?

Would love to hear any opinions or thoughs...
and if you think the idea is wired, let me know too please... (at least I won't feel lonely in this then!)

14-12-2004, 06:55
Well the purpose of insurance is to protect yourself against risks that whilst unlikely, may still happen. I don't think that a chart would show up that sort of possibility and it's always worth insurance if you have dependents or a possible serious financial loss in being covered - such as the risk your house will burn down.

Is this the right time to take out insurance (or a specified sort) is a question that horary Astrology could answer, just as you could ask the question of the tarot cards. So if you're serious about divining the answer then I suggest that you procede by asking a specific question about a specific and contemplated insurance policy.

isthmus nekoi
14-12-2004, 10:55
I would guess astrology to place insurance in the 8th house. But coming from a stodgy old Capricorn sun - esp if you have dependents yes yes yes get life insurance. And a will while you're at it.

14-12-2004, 19:31
Thank you Minderwiz for your thoughts, that give this a rational approach, that doesn't allow to loose touch with responsibility...
I better start looking at these insurance plans then (scaaaary!)

Isthmus dear- something in your answer hinted, that this issue might indeed not be according to what "can happen", but how we FEEL about what "can happen".
As you say, a Capricorn will not let such issue go by... with no connection to the results. A capricorn just won't risk...

and glad you raised the "will" thing too, because somehow, about that, I have no problem ... I have actually been thinking about it... I guess this comes from me being a Scorpio? always tet-a-tet with the underworld?;)

isthmus nekoi
15-12-2004, 03:38
lol, MPress. I think money is a deeply psychological thing. And I sort of have a will - at least benificiaries to all my investments. I too feel very comfortable w/having a will. But then again, this is coming from a someone who's considered working in a funeral home.

15-12-2004, 03:55
Most financial experts recommend never coupling insurance with investing there are many fees that eat your into your benefits, i believe "whole term" insurance is the only thing recommended mainly for providing for families who would suffer with the loss of a main provider for the family.