View Full Version : A remedy from thoughtlessness

20-12-2004, 06:09
Does anybody know a crystal or herb remedy from the thoughtlessness?

in short, I have a problem; I can tell or do something, believing I am doing right thing, and then, looking back I realize - what I said or did was stupid. And this blundering happens all the time. I'll appreciate any help or suggestions. Thank you.

21-12-2004, 02:17
Well, you're certainly not alone. I would say most people do this all the time, but they never realize the part about it being stupid. So, you are actually doing much better than you think you are ! But, if you are still worried about it, I would try to find a crystal that would increase concentration and perhaps up your intake of zinc. Some crystals to look for would be amethyst, sodalite, & fluorite, but there are probably more .

And yes, even I do stupid things all the time. Too bad there isn't a crystal that wards off embarrassment.

21-12-2004, 09:30
Thank you Dark Inquisitor.