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28-12-2004, 13:35
My fav crystal by far is without even a little doubt TIGERS EYE i love it so much and get great responses from it plus it is really really thought provocking i think. I even made a pendulum out of a bit i had (very hard to do to good standard)

What are everyones fav crystals and why??

28-12-2004, 13:50
I love them all;)

Picking my fav black ones:
Jet and Black Tourmaline

Jet(not actually a crystal) is a good one for Cappies and BT is good for protection from ill will and grounding and can be used at the root chakra.

28-12-2004, 14:03
It's so hard to say what my favorite is.
I go through phases. The very first stone I really to a liking to was Tigers Eye.
And then when I went digging for Turquoise, then I was particular to that.
I like deep dark smokey quartz as well.
Currently, the stones I wear...Amethyst and Moonstone, true moonstone, not the spectrolite stuff (which is 'moonstone' to, but that name for that particular feldpar is for commercial purposes)

28-12-2004, 17:28
It seems I am into colours: my alltime fave are Opals glimmering in all kind of colours, they warm my heart deep inside just to look at them. Followed closely by strongly coloured crystals like Amethyste, Turquoise, Lapislazuli, Malachite, Azurite-Malachite, Chrysocoll...

Does that say something about me? I never thought about this until now, but now it strikes me :D


29-12-2004, 01:47
Amethyst is probably my favorite, that and rose quartz.. I guess, since I own so many of those two crystals. I love Tiger Eye too and Hawks Eye. And Celestite and clear quartz, and Malachite and Hemetite...Ok so I just love them all !!!
I have a huge smoky quartz that sits on the front porch that we move from house to house. I do not have any in a more portable size...

I have a bowl of small river rocks too...I love to run my fingers through them.

I guess I just like ROCKS

29-12-2004, 01:59

you guys are rock-mad!!

I think my favourite would have to be moonstone. It's just so pretty. I'm more of a "looks" person when it comes to stones rather than "personalities" so to speak.

29-12-2004, 02:22
My favorite is moonstone - I wear it every day.

I have a navel bar with a moonstone in it - it's gorgeous. I have a ring with 3 moonstone carbochen stones and a moonstone ear-ring.

My other favorite is amber - I wear that everyday too - a ring and 2 ear-rings.

I've always been partial to lapis lazuli too.


Sulis xx

29-12-2004, 03:29
Well...this is quite a hard question to answer because each of my stones means something special to me...

I do carry my Clear Quartz and sometimes with Jade or Rose Quartz...
I'm very fond of my Moonstone and Tiger's Eye...
Onyx is Raven's stone and I am Raven...
Garnet is my birthstone and that means a lot to me as well...
Lapis Lazuli and Selenite.....and of course Amethyst..which I have had the pleasure of digging myself at a mine in Ontario a few years ago...

I can not pick just one...sorry :(

29-12-2004, 11:36
Malachite is my fav without a doubt, with amethyst coming in a close second. Malachite is one stone that just makes me feel so good. Amethyst I find very helpful, it's my do-all stone.

29-12-2004, 13:28
My favourite stones are:

Moonstone, sunstone and labradorite for the optical effects.

Opal for play of colour.

Zircon for high dispersion (fire).

Fire opal for gorgeous orange colour.

Spinel for lustre and lovely colours.

Aquamarine and rose quartz for soothing restful qualities.

Pearls (not crystal but has crystalline surface) for their purity and lustre.

There are many more that I like but I've already gone overboard. :)


29-12-2004, 14:47
Amethyst is one of my faves because it really helps improve my general feeling of tranquility. Over the holidays, I had on so much amethyst, I practically clanked! :D

I also like rose quartz and lapis lazuli, and rhodinite. I like river rocks, too, and have lots just sitting around my house. I really like moonstone, but can anyone recommend a good online source? My local rock shop closed up about 6-8 months ago, and I've been worried about buying online, and not getting what I was supposed to get.

29-12-2004, 21:36
Hmmm... this is difficult.

My personal favorite is probably lapis lazuli, but bloodstone comes in a very close second. I'm partial to moonstone and rose quartz as well, but that's probably due to my very cancer nature. <g> I do tend to use other stones for specific purposes, but those are the ones I readily reach for on instinct.

Would absolutely love some real river stones... <sigh>


07-01-2005, 14:05
I've always been drawn to Hematite... I don't know why, like gazing into a smoky mirror. I also love Prehnite, I had quite a time finding it, but I find it helps me with dream recall. And Opal, apart from being my birthstone, has always caught my eye. :) When visiting Australia (about six years ago) I discovered Black Opal for the first time - and was simply stunned! (and no, I don't mean the wine...) ;)

07-01-2005, 20:36
my favourite without a doubt is amethyst. I always make sure its near me when i read my tarot cards. It gives off good vibes!
rose quartz i also like.