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01-01-2005, 10:18
Linda Reid In Astrology Step by Step comments that "combining the Ascendant with the Midheaven" can describe the birth experience (p.135).

She suggests that if Saturn is close to the Asc or MC then probabaly an older person was around the birth. The presence of Uranus might indicate medical intervention e.g. caesarian section.

I am trying to get some hints about my own birth experience and found this fascinating. Has anyone else heard it or have any thoughts about it?

My Ascendant is in Capricorn and my MC in Virgo. I'm just guessing but working on Linda Reid's hypothesis, my birth would have followed fairly traditional procedures that were common in those days. Mars is close to the MC which may indicate that as a soul I went about the birth process in an orderly and assertive fashion. Or it could mean that there was a pedantic doctor there who directed the operations so to speak. The latter idea is more in keeping with the way Linda Reid expressed her theory. It could possible indicate something like an induced birth to fit into a schedule but I know that did not happen to me.

Does anyone else have any ideas about Reid's hypothesis?

01-01-2005, 12:12
I'm not familiar with Linda Reid or her book, Astrology Step by Step. We do know that the ASC and MC degrees are mathematically set due to the time of birth and place of birth. In general astrological practice the MC has come to recognize the Ego (our better selves, our goals, our true nature) while the ASC is seen as the Personaligy (our everyday self, the way we act and interact to/with the world).

That said, you noted that Linda Reid represents in her book that a planet near the ASC and MC can define or symbolize the situation existing at our birth, perhaps representing the people involved. That's possible. They chart represents the universe, as experienced at at specific time and place. The chart components are symbols of one kind or another, and any symbol can have multiple meanings. We can look at a chart, for example, as a description of our personality, our physical health and appearance, our mission on earth, our skills and deficiencies. Whatever.

So, if you want to view a persons birth time/place then the chart should hold some answers. But what components may hold what answers? It may not be a simple question and simple answer.

The astrologers who use mid-points, as popularized by the renowned German astrologer Ebertin, note that the mid-point of the Asc and MC degree (some where in most 11th houses), represents the "here and now" of the chart. Perhaps any planets adjacent to that point, or in aspect to it, would represent the birth environment. Your ASC-MC mid-point would be somewhere in Scorpio perhaps. What is there? Does it fit?

The MC-IC axis represents the parental axis. The planets close to this axis and their aspects to other planets would represent the dynamics at play between the parents, perhaps.

The DSC angle represents others. Whould this apply to any "others" who were present at one's birth?

So far, we have three areas that could represent those present at our birth who may have had an initial impact upon us. Do any of these correlate with your birth experience and those who were present? You'll have to evaluate how your author addresses these and other issues. It's easy to present one hypothesis and present examples that fit. But, as astrologers, it is up to each of us to find those things that work almost every single time and to avoid those things that work only sometimes. To do that we have to expand our exposure to many, many ideas and then test and choose among what we have learned so that we end up with only a little that works very well for us and our clients. Let us know what you gain from this book as you work your way through it. Dave.

01-01-2005, 12:18
This idea has been treated fully, and in a much more expanded form, by A. T. Mann in his wonderful books, A New Vision of Astrology, Life*Time Astrology, The Round Art and The Divine Plot. His books are available through his website http://www.atmann.net, or through Amazon. He also has a very basic computer program which calculates important dates from conception onward. It runs with Matrix Winstar Express (and only Express; not the larger Winstar version). Information about the program is available through Mr. Mann's website and in his books.

01-01-2005, 15:13
Thanks for the responses.

I will follow up the recommended books, Astraea, thank you.

Dave, I have a lot more to learn about mid-points but the midpoint between my Ascendant and MC is in Scorpio at 15 degrees I think (does that make sense?) The only planet I have in Scorpio is Chiron at 19 degrees but there may be other aspects to the sensitive point that I'm missing.

The closest planets to the MC - DC axis are Moon (Pisces) and Mars (Virgo) and they are in direct opposition to each other. Moon is also semi-square Venus in the 1st House and Mars is trine MC in the 10th House. Venus, by the way is in Capricorn, my Ascendant and my father's birth sign.

I take your point about needing to be careful about all of this. It seems quite complicated but very interesting. Much more study this evening I can see.

Thanks again.