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02-01-2005, 19:07
Finally balanced out, Asteroid America breaks connunction with Asteroids Washingtonia and Union, and enters Scorpio at midnight GMT (5MST/7EST) Jan 3rd. All of these asteroids oppose the clockwise moving north lunar node moving from Taurus to Aries, creating rifts and produciing too much energy to be contained.

Through out the day though, the Asteroids named after the Greek God of Thunder, Zeus, and the Egyptain God of the afterlife and underworld, Anubis, will be in conjunction in Auarius at 23 degrees. Mercury, Venus, and Pluto conjunct at 20, 21, and 22 Sagitarius.

The moon in Libra will mark the transit of Washingtonia, Union, and America to Scorpio. Actually asteroid Union, moving slower and perhaps ready to retrograde, will stay in Libra until well into January 5th, but is at 29.59 Libra at 11:59 Jan 4 MST. It will take all of our libran energies to balance out all of these conjunctions and oppositions (Saturna nd Chiron) in the sky.

Juno is conjuncting Neptune in Aquairus at 13deg while Ceres and Germania conjunct at 6 scorpio. Mass food is being sent to India at this time, and the rush to reconstruct is producting a new vision of the world to counter the great sadness being felt.

07-01-2005, 17:54
Congress formally OK's Bush as president http://us.rd.yahoo.com/mymod/hdln/z/aprt/sty/SIG=150r80s0v/EXP=1105167910;_ylt=AuUGCkJQa3O4dow5nWla9f4F1vAI/*http%3A//us.rd.yahoo.com/mymod/hdln/aprt/sty/*http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&cid=514&e=6&u=/ap/20050107/ap_on_go_co/electoral_vote

Saga of Britains Cats revealed

That second one was a little more humorous than relevent. Perhaps it is the Sun in opposition to the Black moon lilith gravity point.

info on lilith http://www.astro.com/astrology/in_lilith_e.htm

Lilith as a nessacary void acts contrary to the central Sun. The Sun in Capricorn means that Lilith is in the moons ruler, Cancer, nothing opposing everything. By nature, all orbits and gravity in the solar system is based on the Sun, and thus so is Lilith. This complicated (and it is) opposition is impossible to avoid, and will affect everyone differently. For some it will be a day of productivity and action, others an emotional affair. It will be a day of contrasts, and possible weather distrubances.

Finalized and formally accepted, Congress has allowed G.W. Bush to be President again, as the Ameirca, Washingtonia, Union tripple conjunction in opposition to the North node freshly in Aries begins to seperate ever so slowly. America being the fastest of the three will conjunct Ceres, where we must come to terms with our actions in regards to food(food relief to South Asia and the price back home), medicine (flu shots and again South Asia), and our lifestyle choices (finances and the lack of respect of the worlds natural needs and limitations).

The move into Scorpio will bring talk and rebuttal about sex and behaviour, talk with reasonable context, and talk that is totally lacking reason at all. Scorpio is a naturally polarizing sign, and will generate a great deal of static before the storm of words begins. Mercury will not conjunct the sun in Capricorn this year, the Sun will conjunct Chiron before mercury catches up to meet the solar center @ 25Aquarius on Feb 13/14. A memorable, if not touching, Valentines day awaits.

The neat thing about Mercury is that its the fastest planet and its hard to keep to far ahead of the communication ruler when not moving in reverse. Freshly out of the final retrograde cycle of 2004, Mercury will once again conjunct Venus and this time in Capricorn, on Jan 13/14. This conjunction will be different than the Sagitariun counterpart, from fire to earth, venus and mercury, now further away from mars and pluto a more down to earth understanding of what union and partnership is all about. This is an excellent day to buy a gift, perhaps a stone of some kind, for a loved one. check your natal positions for mercury and venus as well as the houses to avoid setbacks.

10-01-2005, 11:08
The moon was without a void of course as it left Sagitarius, meaning that when it does go void of course in Capricorn on Monday, we will have the goats industrial energy giving us the ability to coast through the day with productivity.

Venus has entered Capricorn, and thus a down to earth view and respect of the planet will come to light, and pressure placed upon the world governments to achieve the needed goals, South Asia especially. Mercury has communicated the philsophy of aid, now the governmnets of the world must place communication of the actions taking place.

Mars nestled in Sagitarius makes life difficult for thos with Mars in Gemini (Me included). Actions are being taken upon the great ideas, but draining to the mind. Flights of fancy and desire may overtake only to be that which dashes the reamaining strength.

This week of the 9th starts with Lilith the dark moon in Cancer opposing the sun and the moon in Capricorn. Considering that this is a new moon, the energy of the "Dark moon" posiition will be the moon primary energy. This is a good time to banish negative energy from your life, especially on Sunday night through Monday afternoon.

Jupiter in Libra shows fortune and prosperity for those in legal problems, this is an excellent time to focus on the monetary issues that may arise. Excellent deals and low prices may not last too long, don't pass up something that you may need, it may become too expensive as time goes by.

Pluto is the final player, his influence over mercuyr and venus has alleviated, but Sagitariun Mars will join with Pluto soon enough, the degrees start to decrease and a conjunction will occur. This will stimulate all the signs of the zodiac, and even make the opposition to Sag, Gemini, more lively and excitable. Be careful in vehicles, I can sense this occuring with a retrograde of Mercury and having a great deal of danger present.