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17-01-2005, 11:21
Mercury and Venus just went through a double conjunction, once in Sagittarius and once in Capricorn. This provided us with fiery passion and powerful direct motion to get what we want followed by a down to earth analysis of what it would entail, however somethings may have been left out of the discussions.

That is where Chiron and the Sun come in. This initiates Chirons healing factor, and allows the sun to have his position in center stage. This conjunction takes place @ 26.58 capricorn and once again, we have the Age of Aquarius waiting for us to move foreward so we can heal the wounds of yesteryear tragedies. The conjunction between the wounded healer and the Sun squares Libra placed asteroid Pallas-Athena (easily associated with militant Aries) and the passing first quarter moon in militant Aries. Our realizations about international events has come to a head (Aries ruling body part none the less), and the countdown to the U.S. Presidential innaguration comes soon enough. This week starting out with an Aries moon, but in the third house of this moon phase, will generate lots of talk and critisim and the final echose of last years election come to an end on Thursday.

Speaking of which: This is the day that the Sun enters Aquarius, and the beginning of the break from the Sun/Saturn-Lilith oppositions. Moon in Gemini shows that emotional outbreaks may occur duing the new coverage, but the moons placement in sign preceding GWBush's Solar sign inidcates possible slip ups and major disruptions in the emotional state of the nation. Quickly following the Innaguration ceremonies the moon will oppose Mars and Pluto (those two are headed to a major conjunction).

The gravitational point Lilith and Saturn the ruler of time will begin their conjunction on January 30th. This is the day of the Iraqi elections. By now Mercury will have entered Aquarius (@ 2 degrees) and mars and pluto will have made their conjunction. Violence between now and then is almost inevitiable and will shake our beliefs as to what we do and why we do them. This is being capstoned by Lilith conjunction Saturn, difficulty dealing with death and destruction is the key here and because of that we may pull out of Iraq. The lack of international assistance is also a factor here as asteroid United Nations has returned direct and is back into Gemini.

This month will see major change even as the (crumbling) status quo is being fought for (crumbling though it is). Get ready for challanges and meet them head on, and always, always be aware of another way of solving even the most traditional and well known of challanges.

21-01-2005, 10:35
January 25: 22Capricorn Mercury opposing 22Cancer Saturn (r)

January 27: 22Capricorn Venus opposing 22Cancer Saturn (r) and Mars and Pluto conjunct @ 23Scorpio later in the evening (for the US)

January 28: Chiron and Mercury conjunct @ 28 Capricorn, Pluto and Mars will stay in close conjunction through this day.

Jan 29/30: Mercury enters Aquarius, breaks conjunction with Chiron

Venus will conjunct Chiron in February.

Transitory energies abound, change of expectation and and altering of viewpoints will occur, quickly. The sun is getting closer to Neptune in Aquarius bringing new and old dreams alive. There has been a great deal of dream discussion in the diviination forum with some very very intersting symbolism, Neptunes influence is encouraging us to dream big and act upon the messages provided to us. The Suns conjunction to the ruler of dreams in the sign of the rebel might crank out some new Dream interepration books, but also the dream of the 21st century is being realized, but making it a reality will take time and paitence which requires a well thought out smooth strategy.

27-01-2005, 18:27
Venus will be opposing Lilith on the 27th, this is a day to be direct and focused about your inquiries, and snap decision decide everything now. Don't hold back but don't exhaust yourself, the full moon over the last weekend is still strong this week and the waning moon is still bright in the sky charging everything with divine power. This entire week is a good time to clense and purify, we may get so busy that we lose track of our own needs.

09-02-2005, 10:40
Lilith is in conjunction mode with Saturn for the 8th of February. This is also the night of the new moon, this means if the new moon occurs during the daylight of where you are, you can probably do your new moon rituals through the night with the Lilith power actually neutralizing the Saturn energies. This is a good time to start things during this Saturn retrograde, be careful though, things might not go the way you expect.

Mars has also entered Capricorn, this is almost a contrast of meanings. Mars, ruler of Aries and assoicate of Scorpio has had to get real wtih Capricorn. Mars is passionate and desires domination, Capricorn is realistic and sturdy, Mars is fixed in opinion, Capricorn is the analyizer of opinion. The questions coming up with Mars in Capricorn are "What needs changed? Why does it need changed? And how can it be changed?"

Jupiters retrograde is underway, finish up any standing issues and then buckle down, these last few years have not been very productive during these retrogrades, live and learn, Jupiters Mantra.

13-02-2005, 02:07
DarkmoonLilith and Saturn are in conjunction for Saturday the 12th of February. This conjunction is an emotional one, and it has its ups and downs. Long standing smokescreens are lifted, and unjustified lies are broken apart. This occurs as Chiron hovers at the 28degree mark of Capricorn, initiating a new (and unusual) phase of healing. Chiron is slowing down for his retrograde later this year, so these degrees are getting a special dose of healing magic. It is needed too, we will need it when Dmoon Lilith transits over to Leo and opposes Cap/AqChiron (again).

Mercury is also conjuncting the Sun at this time, and so communication is at a the forefront, but also the lack of communication. To alleive the lack of communication as much as possible, the moon residing in Aries indicates unexpected initiation of conversations. The moon will be activated by its opposition to Jupiter in retrograde, finally picking up speed. Libras are in pain right now, be nice to them and they will show their tender sides and let you know how things have been. Mercury and the Sun in Aquarius is a lively duo, but also exhausting and misleading, don't skip foreward in your plans, something might not go through as it is supposed to.

That leaves Mars in Capricorn, not making any major aspects at this time so take you time in your plans once again. Pace yourself and prevent exhaustion, get some sleep and eat well. Mars in Capricorn is great for long term plans, but fails to provide instant results most of the time.

03-04-2005, 16:34
Since the moon is an encouraging force, it is only appropriate ot revisit this thread now that the Cancer placements have spread out and are not as intense we can look back as well as ahead.

As of Sunday, 12:00 AM MST April 3rd, the Moon will enter Aquarius. It had just made an opposition to Saturn in the morning and opposed the blackmoon lilith in the evening, these opposition were probably falt with a drain of energy, but also powerful moments of intuition (your tarot readings for others were probably more accurate than you might initially think if you did that on the 2nd).

Now in Aquarius, the moon wanes down for the Solar eclipse on the 8th, where all of our directed energy will either produce something of value, or fall flat. People who were normally lucky will probably have their luck run out on them faster than a speeding bullet that caught a wind draft going the same direction. Stay focused and stay real, don't fight the truth that we are all equal, it is what we do with that equality tha tmatters.

Interregating control dramas will lose their power of us at this time, Aries does not like to have their motives questioned if it is not in their nature to have someone down their neck all the time (and that is most Arese I know).