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23-01-2005, 02:08
Is there a difference between the properties of polished stones and stones in their raw or crystal forms?

I have always wondered this, most of my stones are polished with the exception of two clear quartz crystals and an amythest cluster that I have.

24-01-2005, 03:46
Not being a true expert, I have to admit upfront that I don't really know for sure. However, it is my limited understanding that polished versus unpolished doesn't really change the properties. I have a mixture of both, use them in the same ways (except that I wear more of the polished as jewelry), and have never really noticed a difference.

I don't know it this helps or not. :confused:


24-01-2005, 13:37
it does.. i always felt that the properties stayed the same.. I was just wondering if anyone had any other thoughts on it.

September Pixie
24-01-2005, 19:16
I think there is an old thread on this subject somewhere here on the forums.. I do not personally believe there is any difference.. its the same stone after all :) I prefer more polished stones over raw unless they are beautiful geodes then of course i'd snag them ;) but over all, my vote is also 'no - no difference'

25-01-2005, 11:13
Does this mean that they all work the same?

I buy them in bookstores and put them in my purse, I have a dish at home
full of them, some in my coats, a dish in the bathroom for decoration & some at work.
I buy them because it's just a thing I do when I pick up cards or a book.
I just like them but don't do anything with them.

26-01-2005, 09:49
I would say that they might do the same thing, but that we might not use them in the same way :)

26-01-2005, 11:59
I worked at a store that sold a lot of crystals both cut polished and "raw". There isn't any hard fast rule that I saw in this arena, people are drawn to what they like.

I have noticed that people who want to work with the crystals for a more shamanic earth-religion approach preferred the raw stones as they came out of the ground with very minimal changes made to them. They also tend to dislike cooked stones like most citrine.

People who worked with crytals in more of a new age way (and I do not mean that in any derogatory way, I consider myself pretty new age) to channel or work with energy tended to like cut or polished crystals.

Also I've noticed that when people first start working with crystals they usually prefer cut and polished ones and later come to like raw to some degree.

I noticed that a lot of people say they have issues with cut or polished stones because they believe the crystals are offended by "being treated that way". This to me seems like trying to project human peronality traits onto nonhuman tihngs. A bit like worrying a goldfish is bored.

26-01-2005, 14:12
A bit like worrying a goldfish is bored.
But.. but... what if the goldfishy *is* bored? :D

I agree with everyone else; the properties are the same, it's just personal preference. Personally, I find it easier to work with polished stones, though I do have one piece of quartz that is "natural." (Also what I think is citrine.. A neighbor had a really big piece and dropped it, so I got a couple smaller pieces; haven't really used it yet..)

26-01-2005, 14:33
I guess that I am the odd one out here...I only speak of what works for me! :)

And I do find a difference in the way the energy feels between polished stones and raw crystals. And I use these differences to my advantage.

I don't think the properties of the crystals are changed at all...but I do think they can be used for different applications.

The polished crystals feel "done" to me. I am not sure how else to explain this...but they feel as if they have evereything they are ever going to have inside them working thier mojo. I like to use polished crystals for some energy work, but I really like them for talismans...that are meant for very specific purposes.
These stones feel polished, stable, and ready to work.

Raw crystals , on the other hand have a raw vibe for me...almost a wild energy...they are far better for me when used in energy work, or when I need to imprint them with certain energies. I especially like terminated crystals because I can really feel the wave, as it travels in a direction. I can feel an energy flow that is very different than polished stones. (even those ploished to points)

Don't know if this makes any sense at all to anyone else.
I guess I just have this weird sensitivity with rocks!

27-01-2005, 03:12
I tend to carry the polished ones with me when going to class or work. They feel better in my pocket and don't stab me when I sit down, like the raw pointy ones.

27-01-2005, 10:40
Chronata, that is kind of like trying to say! And yes it does make sense. ^_^ I couldn't figure out the words though.. I meant that the "wild" versus "finished" feel of the stone is personal preference, and I felt that the "finished" feel was easier to work with.. But there is a definitely different usefulness to raw crystals in certain things.

28-01-2005, 03:21
Like Chronata, I feel the same about "wild" versus "tame".. which is what it feels like to me. Non processed, non polished does have a wilder feel to it seems, I do not think that polishing it has changed it just maybe tamed it.

I do like to carry a polished stone with me, they are more comfortable in the pocket :), but I like my wild crystals on the dresser!

The Doc
21-02-2005, 11:16
Raw stone are more powerful since they have not been tanted by any other people and chemicals, or meachine. poslished have a more suttle energy. Raw are better since The stones are more intune with the natural power of nature.

The Doc.