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isthmus nekoi
24-01-2005, 10:41
I realize this is 3 days late. Sorry everyone, been busy and MAN do the skies look ugly. OK, they weren't looking so bad, but my immediate environment seems to have gotten pretty tense the last week...

A Leo full moon activates the Leo-Aquarius axis where cool, airy detachment is countered by dramatic, fiery pride.

Two major points to note in this lunation. Firstly, a Mars-Pluto conjunction (exact on the 28) lends an air of aggressiveness, compulsiveness and a driven, at all costs attitude to the skies. Earlier plans made in during the new Capricorn moon, if not completed, may reach a new stage where goals must be reached and plans must be completed to the bitter end. Secondly, there is a new T-Square involving Saturn, Venus-Mercury with Jupiter at the apex. Overindulgence fights against pragmatism. This lunation is not nearly as productive as the last. There seems to be a lack of warmth and compassion towards others as well. A rise in competetiveness...

24-01-2005, 23:46
. There seems to be a lack of warmth and compassion towards others as well. A rise in competetiveness...

er, yes., this is exactly what i have been feeling within and without. But regardless, equal force moving with equal mass eitehr results in nothing happening or the detonation fo all explosive force. Unless its a cloud, then equal force of equal mass makes something even bigger happen. Also, the Eastern U.S. is (as everyone probably knows by now) pummeled with snow, and here in the western mountains (the Rockies) we have None at all in our forecast!!!!!! We need some moisture too before the spring comes otherwise the groundwater just rushes downstream and the farmers closer to the mountains don't get their water needs met.

Being a Solar Gemini Lunar aquarian, and the sun transiting my lunar sigh, my universal attitude is butting heads with those of a less motivated cause. Talk about Social Security ahs been impossible to avoid, and the not so pretty details of hte situaiton are demanding that we make a controlled change as to how we (the united states of America) deal with societies obligations and the needs of the disadvantaged. Controlled change is the tenant of Aquarian energy, use it wisely during this solar cycle, and avoid upsets, Aquariian energy doesn't care about your qualms.


isthmus nekoi
25-01-2005, 01:08
Ah, things seem to be pretty tense around for me as well. Shorter fuses. It's a tricky energy to handle; there is the risk of driving projects into the ground and destroying them before they are completed...