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29-01-2005, 09:30
I was doing a few charts lately, and I was wondering whether what I saw, really reflected it self in real life.
How can we tell that a good enough composite chart, is indeed good ENOUGH?
Can it be that a combined chart looks preety good, but then in real life it doesn't even get moving?
I think the thought of free will vs "it's written in the stars" kind of confuses me here.
First of all, i have seen, that when two people meet, and there is a significant interaction, there are a couple of significant compatiable/mutual points in their charts as well... I guess an experienced astrologer could tell whether "this will go on", or not, but still...
How evident is compatiability in a chart?

I had the idea to maybe check out a few pairs of charts, without knowing "what's the story", and see if we could tell, whether this is a happily married couple, or a life long platonic friendship, or a powerful affair. I also think it's interesting to look at charts of people from the same sex, that are simply friends. Maybe friendhip is that thing we never really actively seek , but it happens when it happens, and it happens big.

Would love to hear in generally what you think, and also if we could conduct a couple of studies... not anything long, just something to get the picture from... :)

29-01-2005, 11:15
You are ambitous, aren't you? Composit charts often work well, but it is best to first fully understand the individual charts. And, we have to keep in mind that -- SHUT YOUR EARS, THIS IS HERESY -- astrology doesn't allways work the way we expect it to. Some people resonate to lunar cycles and don't reflect much of their birth chart. Others relate to some planets and placements in their birth chart while ignoring others. And people have many influences based on siblings, cultures, education, experiences, work enviornments, etc. that sensitize them.

So, in order to get around these unknowns, I would suggest an approach: Why not use famous couples for subjects for your "little" study. Everyone would feel familiar with them, would know something of their personalities and history, and could first relate better to the birth chart to see what was working astrologically. Then, a composit chart could be studied to see how they, as a couple, reflected that chart. Just an idea. Dave.

30-01-2005, 08:31
Oh Dave...
You are so sweet to be so honest and polite at the same time... calling me ambitious, regarding my "little" study... (I'm the victim of a Sun-Jupiter conjunction after all! ;)
I think I had the feeling this is what you would say... but I try to understand why I wished it to be "little". Maybe because sometimes we just want short answers, that tell you one thing, and refuse to accept that very few things are that way. This is one possibility, of course, but I'm already learning my lesson well...
Do you think an astrologer can tell, by looking at two charts, and their composite, whether a relationship can work and for what purposes? can it be a good marriage? a good business partnership? Could such study be called "little"? Or maybe the study is long, but the answer little?

I definitely wouldn't mind looking at some glamorous couple, and immediately of course I think of Prince Charles and Diana, and of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. I'm not actually proposing to study these, I'm just thinking "here is something that at some moment worked, and then, it didn't any more". What is it that makes compatiability last, then? maybe a little bit of success, is already a success?

I will sleep on it. And still I would rather look an many pairs in a more general way, than going to deep depths of one couple. I think I find it easier to capture things from a wide angle, the big picture. i'm afraid I'll loose focus if I get into the bone of every chart. Would planets, signs and houses be enough? Do we have to do ORBS? Will you forgive me for this?????? ;)

I'm open to suggestions....my expertise has always been to ask the questions, anyway :)

isthmus nekoi
30-01-2005, 08:34
on that note, M-Press, you may want to follow StarIQ's website - they frequently write about famous couples. (take note, they make heavy use of asteroids like Ceres)

Another thing you could do amass guinea pigs - get charts of your own friends and family and study away.

As for good composite - as Dave says, check out the individual charts first. You could have a great composite w/someone who's a serial killer, afterall ;)

edited to add: if you're going to look at aspects, yes ORBS will factor in as well!

30-01-2005, 08:45
he.. he..
thanks Isthmus, for the "food for thought".
In fact, I have been sitting on "local" charts for a few years now... and what can I say... first i'm not sure that what we see, is what is really going on, and second, where it does seem good the charts are not always great...
but maybe it's because I left the ORBS out....

ps: I don't know if it's my English or what, but this word ORB, really makes me giggle, and I think it's a great name for my future doggy!!!!
(and i better go to sleep... I feel it's JUST the perfect time...)