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01-02-2005, 15:40
I have recently gotten my birth chart done, but it doesn't mention the relavance of the lunar eclipse that happened the night after my birth. My DOB is 2/20/70, sun;pisces moon;leo asc;pisces mercury;Aquarius venus;pisces mars;aries jupiter;scorpio saturn;taurus uranus;libra nep.;sag pluto;virgo north node pisces midheaven;sag

so, does it have any significance seeing as how it was one day after my birth? And I should mention, I have almost no experience/knowledge in astrology, just those old horoscopes in the paper. I only just recognized that I am on the cusp with aquarius, correct? My place of birth was Clark AFB, Philippines. Also, what does it mean to be born within the fullmoon cycle? (i.e. more intense personality?) Are there others out there who were born in and around or on a lunar/solar eclipse? And do you all have really big, intense personalities? Thanks for any help!
BLessed Be,

isthmus nekoi
02-02-2005, 01:10
Hm, good question. I can't speak for eclipses as I've never looked into that, but I have heard that people born under full moons have an easier time dealing w/full moon energy - whereas some might get a little more loopy!

02-02-2005, 12:14
Well, those darn computer programs just do exactly what they think you asked for -- in this the software cacluated and displayed/printed a natal chart for you. The full moon eclipse was not in its range of "to do" items.

Now, an astrologer would have noted that and surely mentioned it. In one sense, the next day eclipse is not part of your natal chart's interpretation. Your Moon would have been in Rudyhar's "Analyst" phase, suggesting the a part of your Moon make-up would be the need to be more methodical, to eliminate waste and make things easier for yourself and others, to help others more efficiently. In terms of development over time, any progressed chart (all types) would have seen you moving into, through and past the full moon or eclipse phase.

As some would say, there had to be a reason why you were born short of the eclipse point. I'm assuming that your Sun-opposite-Moon angle is probably 10 to 15 degrees short of being an opposition -- enough so that many might see this as being out-of-aspect. Of course, you could adopt larger orbs and bring your Moon into an opposition aspect to the Sun.

So, how do you honestly see yourself? Dave

02-02-2005, 14:59
Hi and thanks, Isthmus and Dave!
Dave, I don't yet know how to answer your question. But thank you so much for the info, I must admit with a red face that I don't quite understand everything that you said. The methodical part I understand and agree. I married a man who is all about being methodical etc and funny his name is Dave too. (I digress) Very interesting. As for the sun opposte moon 10 or 15 degrees part, I am without a clue! I am going to keep this page and try my best to figure it out, it sounds like some crucial info. How do I see myself, well needing to be more methodical really just hits it right on the nose! I feel torn a lot by my loud sometimes raging (Leo moon?) and then I am just so upset by all that I've said or done, even when I am absolutely justified in my ferocity (Pisces sun and asc?). At a party in my teens, a girl physically attacked me out of the blue, to which I responded by defending myself quite well (was told by on lookers that I "beat the snot out of her") then when it was over, I felt AWFUL about it, as if I didn't have the right to fightback? I cried and cied and just couldn't deal with it at all, what I had done in defense, I mean. So, this anecdote sort of sums me up in a nutshell, that torn quality that I sometimes feel. Other than having to deal with confrontation, I am really happy and open and goofy and artistic. Thanks for this, I really appreciate the help.
Blessed Be,
Astrid O (BTW I grew up in Falmouth, MA)

02-02-2005, 23:47
From the planet/sign info you provided it seems that your Sun is opposed to Pluto (intense me-you focus) and Mars trines Moon (strong emotions easily come to the surface). I don't know what the actual aspect patterns are but in general terms these observations will probably apply. You wear your heart on your sleeve and you don't like people brushing against it. You will learn to manage this and benefit from those lessons. We all learn our lessons and then grow to use them as strengths. Dave

03-02-2005, 00:03
The prenatal lunar and solar eclipses are important factors in understanding the birthchart, as they represent conditioning energies that temper the ways in which birth planets express. The best book on this subject that I've found, hands down, is Spiritual Astrology by Jan Spiller and Karen McCoy. Amazon carries this book, new and used. Not only does the book contain detailed explanations of eclipses of all kinds and what they mean astrologically, but it has a full set of tables that will enable you to find your prenatal solar and lunar eclipses.

03-02-2005, 09:39
Thanks Dave, I agree wholeheartedly.

And Thanks, Astraea, for the book info, I will be getting it as soon as I can.