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07-02-2005, 10:36
When I had my chart done online I noticed something called North Node. None of the few books at home have anything about this. What does it represent? How significant is it?

Here is my chart if it helps... (the house the planet is in is the last number)

Sun 19 deg Gemini 11
Rising 12 deg Leo 1
Moon 16 deg Sagitarius 5
Mercury 1 deg Cancer (retro) 11
Venus 17 deg Gemini 11
Mars 22 deg Gemini 11
Jupiter 29 deg Leo 1
Saturn 22 deg Aries 9
Uranus 25 deg Virgo 2
Neptune 24 deg Scorpio 4
Pluto 20 deg Virgo 2
North Node 16 deg Aries 9

Thanks for the help. I have soooo many other questions too, but not even sure how to ask, where to begin.

The Dreamer
07-02-2005, 17:06
I've found the book "Astrology for the Soul" by Jan Spiller to be very useful. It is entirely about the north node.

(I'm no expert, though, and I'd also like to learn more about it. So far in my study of astrology it has seemed to me like the most important element of my chart- like and overriding principle which tells a person what they should be moving toward.)
I wonder what others' opinions about the north node's significance is.

07-02-2005, 21:14

The body of the "energy dragon" is the fourth-dimensional path of
the Moon by declination, as she weaves her web around the earth.

The Dragon's Head (North Node):

Aspects to the North Node concern or affect relationships to prevailing
trends, attitudes and opportunities. The Dragon's Head represents your
karmic objectives in this lifetime. It points the way towards soul growth
and evolution.

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07-02-2005, 23:03
The Moons Nodes are the two point where the Moon's orbit around the Earth cuts the Ecliptic (the apparant path of the Sun around the Earth). The North Node is where the Moon crosses the ecliptic moving towards the Northern hemisphere and the South Node is where it crosses the ecliptic moving towards the Southern hemisphere. The two points are in exact opposition - currently the North node is a t 1 degree 32 Minutes Aries and the South Node at 1 degree 32 minutes Libra. The Nodes do move retrograde (apparantly backwards) around the Zodiac taking about 18 years to do a full circle.

Why are they important? - When the Moon crosses either Node it is on the same plane as the Sun. If this happens either at a New Moon or Full Moon then there will be an eclipse (solar eclipse at New Moon, lunar eclipse at Full Moon) and eclipses have always been taken as Astrologically significant.

The North Node (Dragon's Head) has traditionally been seen as benefic, the South Node (Dragon's Tail) seen as malefic, though the reasoning behind this has been lost. Today the Nodes tend to be linked to Karma as Fulgour points out. However Vedic (Indian) and Western Astrology tend to treat Karma differently.

In Western Astrology the South Node represents what you bring to this life and the North Node represents what you must strive to do/achieve. The signs of the mode determining the interpretation.

07-02-2005, 23:30
Ok then if I need to learn whatever the North Node is saying...and being in Aries I'd have to go look that up. I'm just not that familiar yet with all the signs meanings. And South Node, Libra I guess is what I bring into this life...so probably something like this is the stuff that I can draw on or will help me? Or could be "baggage" to get over? Again, being in Libra, not sure...probably something about balance.
Anyone care to help while I look in the books I have?
Thanks, SJ

07-02-2005, 23:58
Because the Nodes are "Shadow Planets" (as points in space),
there may not be anything energetic about them chart-wise.
If you want a good way to visualize them as personifications:

VII The Chariot : North Node (exalted in Gemini)
1) Karmic Objectives
2) Spiritual Potentials
3) Self-Actualization

XV The Devil : South Node (exalted in Sagittarius)
1) Karmic Surrender
2) Spiritual Isolation
3) Self-Destruction

This conforms exactly with the alphabetic structure of the Tarot.

08-02-2005, 05:07
According to a number of Astrologers, the South Node in Libra, North Node in Aries suggests that you bring into this world harmony and balance. The trap is to try to maintain this at all costs and ignore your own individual needs. You need to work with your North Node to try and express your own individual identity. It's not enough to just seek balance you also need to be able to express youreself and your individuality as well.

08-02-2005, 13:27
North Nodes signs/placements are the new lessons you need to learn this life-time to fulfill your karma and South Nodes signs/placements are those that you still carry around from a (most) recent life time that helped you then, but which you need to 'get over' ( sort of speak )or release this time around.

In her book,New MoonAstrology ,Jan Spiller summarizes the lessons to be learned for your particular case :

North Node in Aries people lessons to be learned :

- Overcoming codependent tendencies.
- Discovering your own unique identity and leadership potential
- Overcoming indecisiveness and learning to act on your impulses
- Assertiveness
- Coping with disruption in relationships by focusing on your own serenity
- Strengthening self-love and awareness of your own beauty.

Hope this helps ...!

08-02-2005, 14:00
It's very important to know what house the north node (and all planets) are in. Many astrologers consider the house placement even more important than the signs the planets are in. For instance, I have north node in the tenth house, emphasising my professional, work related experience in this lifetime.

08-02-2005, 21:36
Blue Lotus...
There are some things you posted that are totally on the mark. I've been dealing a lot with looking to myself the last 2 years. I also have realized I'm not in the situation, especially relationship-wise, that I want to be in. And I do need to put me first.
I may need to check out that book.

As for the houses...I can go look... I know I have like 4 things in (Sun, Venus, Mars, Mercury) all in the 11th house. Not sure what it means...I'll go edit my 1st post to list houses as well.

09-02-2005, 10:49

The nodes of the moon indicate the direction of general expectation and social values as well as where our lives are headed. My information shows that the current north node is in Aries, the nodes move in converse to teh rest of the chart (the N. Node was in Taurus and it moved into Aries clockwise, the retrograde movement is counterclockwise, normally the bodies move counterclockwise and retrograde clockwise.)

In Taurus the North node was challanging you to be more stable with you money and possessions, it wasn't fun, especially for a Gemini. Now in Aries, your cardinal mercury is wanting to redefine what you want in life, and what you want to do. Although the current configurations in the sky tell you to wait, cardinal Aries wants you cardinal cancer mercury to at least investigate, and stick to it, whatever "it" is.

A node return is the return of power and ability, if there is something you have been lacking, then this return will realign you to your destiny.

09-02-2005, 10:52
In Vedic astrology, the North Node is considered a transmitter of psychic energy, often associated with black magic, and corresponds with the same energy as Pluto. The South Node is considered a receiver of psychic energy, mediumship, and corresponds with the same energy as Neptune.

12-02-2005, 08:48
With saturn conjunct north node in the eleventh house the native had very high standards regarding their circle of friends in past lives. You may have cultivated independence to the point of being a bit of a loner. In this life your circle of friends may be smaller but of finer quality. You have much to offer others in this way. Leadership is well aspected.
Moon is Sag is very idealistic and somewhat passionate, you believe in people and things. Venus in Gemini, however, tends to be kind of detached emotionally and changeable, the native has some healthy skepticism about people and things. The native would tend to go back and forth between these two emotional states, until finding a middle ground. Very interesting chart!